Bread and chickens and legos

Hey everyone! How’s your week going? Great I hope. Mine is, well, going. Some ups, some downs, some exhaustion, lots of rain. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

I made bread over the weekend! Woot! It was awesome. It is a soaked whole wheat recipe, with my own home-ground flour.

Here’s the beast and the wheat berries before milling. And part of my messy kitchen. Don’t judge.

And it, well, tastes like bread. Nothing super special, but definitely bread.

Some of the ingredients. I actually told Carlos “I’m a blogger. I have to take pictures of making bread.”

It was cooked through and did not have a large, doughy hollow space in the middle, which I had read can happen and therefore I was positive I would get, but nope!

And yes, that’s definitely a wire rack specifically for cooling fresh-baked bread. Just kidding. It’s one of the racks from inside my oven. At least I washed it first!

And the kids like it. And Mom and Jay tried some and they said it was good, too. Success! I’m a person who makes bread!

Social worker visit yesterday. Nothing special to report, just a regular monthly check-in. Everybody is fine. I have parent-teacher conference tonight and we’ll see how Monty is doing at school.

I have a sick chicken. At least, I hope I do. I’m still at work, so I don’t know for sure if she’s still with us or not. She ate the day before yesterday but I didn’t actually see her eat yesterday. She’s sitting down, listless, doesn’t get up. When I pick her up, she keeps her wings and feet drawn in, not floppy. I don’t know what it is but I hope she pulls through. Her name is Scarlet and I have my fingers crossed for her.

Also on the chicken front, one of the two that were missing last week came back, or my counting was off. When I count I get 28, which means there’s still one missing. I’m coming to grips with the idea that the other one is gone, rather than nesting. On the other hand, she could still show up with a giant pack of babies one of these days….

And finally in chicken news, we have house wrapped, sided and weatherized the chicken house and put a heater in. Hopefully that helps with eggs (I’m down to one egg every couple of days now) and maybe even with Scarlet’s health. I think tonight (although more likely over the weekend) I’ll put up a string of Christmas lights in there for lighting. Using my cell phone flashlight is getting old.

I have been working on my Farm Dream Plan, as I said I would. It is rather in-depth, and all I have so far are lists. Lots of lists. I have a list of animals and plants and things I want, a list of why and what for, and a list of what I want to do. Obviously these are things for moving forward, not all for here, and the list is large, but I’m enjoying trying to remember all the things I have said and thought I wanted. I think I want to hammer this plan out a bit more before I share it. It feels kind of raw and fragile in its current state. I really don’t know why I would be nervous to share; it’s not like anyone is going to attack or anything, but I want to work more before I share. I do promise I will share, though.

I don’t think I mentioned this yet but I am going to take up the fiddle. One of the blogs I follow (Cold Antler Farm) is a big one for music and teaching yourself and I believe her when she tells me I can, and not for too much. Next time I feel like I have a bit extra, I’m going to get a cheap fiddle and a great self-teaching book and go from there. Not sure on a timeline, but if I tell you guys, then it can hold me to it so I follow through.

Halloween is on Monday. Today is Thursday. You all know me pretty well by now. When do you think I should get the kids their costumes? Sunday maybe? What can I say. I don’t get things done early usually. Oh well.

I can’t think of any other glaring things I’ve been meaning to tell you lately. If I do, I’ll let you know. Have a great one!

Oh yeah! I also bought garlic to plant for that whole House Magic thing I mentioned last week but I haven’t planted it yet. Again, weekends.

I carried these around the Farmer’s Market in the kangaroo pocket of my hoody, so naturally I now call them my garlic babies.

Also, when I was looking through my pictures to add pics of the bread making, I found these pics of projects the kids did the other night at counseling, as well as the one Monty did last week. Pretty stinkin’ awesome if you ask me!

Monty’s creation.

Monty and his creations and mine. Yup, mine is the box with doors on the right. His are the ones that look like friendly dragon dogs.

This week’s creation by Monty. And a cute baby in the background.

Safi made this. By herself. She’s two and a half.
OK. That’s enough picture fun. Have a wonderful week!