Yeah, life is chaos

Hey guys! How’s it going? Over here it’s crazy as always. Crazier even (wouldn’t have thought that was possible but it is!) There are so many things going on right now that I’m just going to do the “verbal spew” method (I think I just made that up…) of blogging. Here goes.

We’re moving. And buying a house. And the one we’re in is being torn down. And I’m in a wedding. And my ducks are learning to fly. My baby chicks are almost ready to move out into the chicken house. I’m getting into mid-level marketing. The van is finally fixed. The Tracker not so much. We had Easter at our house, complete with 5 kids under 11 years old and a full Thanksgiving dinner, along with pot roast and lumpia. Easter egg hunting is a daily activity at our place as we have 6 different colors and 2 different sizes of eggs, and the girls hide them all the time (Carlos found 4 on the porch yesterday, and I dug one up on the floor of the chicken house.) I am addicted to the movie Moana, and I actually tear up at certain times. I personally and Carlos and I together own a huge amount of stuff. Like, huge. I own a lot of books. (Yes, those two things are separate. There really are that many books.) The “magic garlic” we planted to help our house-finding luck is growing nicely. Packing is hard. House buying and appraisals and inspections and lenders and underwriters and real estate agents and all of those things are really really hard and take a lot of time and cause a lot of stress. I have been doing a good job recently of being “aggressively positive” about the house buying part. That is slipping a bit right now, but I’ll get it back. For about 30 seconds I thought about getting a tattoo last weekend. I have a new mantra (actually, I’ve never thought of myself as having a mantra before, so I guess I have my first mantra) and I repeat it all the time. It really can be a calming influence. It goes like this: All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. That sounds like enough. Let’s tackle that list and see where we get in the explaining…

A month ago yesterday, on a Thursday in March, the 16, I got the call we’ve been expecting and dreading but were never really sure when it would come. All the permits are in and we gotta go. The landlord would prefer we be out in 30 days but she can work with us and make it 60, but the sooner the better. They’re ready to demolish the house and get started on building the road and the six houses they have planned. Oh, and by the way, we’re welcome to take anything we want with us out of the house (hooray! The door I have always wanted to keep is going with us, just as soon as we have a place to take it!) So. There it is. In 2 months we will either have a new place or we will be homeless. And don’t forget that 4 days after that final day of about May 16, I am also in a wedding! After feeling downright shocky (as in I am pretty sure I was actually in shock) and then terrified for about a half a day, Carlos and I made a decision and I made an offer on a house. The one that I offered on back I think in February. The one that I like a lot but not quite enough to raise my low offer to what they wanted. The one that now they won’t take that lower offer, they’ll only take a new one that’s $10k higher than that. The one that could easily be 2 hours from my work, if not worse if the traffic is bad. Also, though, the one that has 3 acres. And a large pond for my ducks. And literally three times the amount of bathrooms my current house has. So, I made an offer. And it was accepted. And then we had it inspected. And it went ok. The place needs some work, but nothing that scared us away. And then we had it appraised. This is the scary part. The appraiser decides what it is worth, but also if there are any things that need to be fixed before we can get the loan for it. And we knew that there were some things that would need to be fixed. And we wanted to fix them before the appraiser came, but I was not pushy enough in making our desire known, and the sellers did the best they could and tried to make sure it would pass as well. And then we waited. The appraisal happened, and then we waited. We were told 5 to 7 days. Day 5 I checked my email all the time. Day 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Afternoon on day 11 we got the answer. Here is the list of things that need to be fixed. OK. We’re ready. Can we come down and fix it? Don’t know. Wait. Yes, but not this weekend. When? Not sure yet. What? Well, the things on the list of course. But what does that mean? When the appraiser called out “floor coverings” did they mean all floor surfaces? Did they mean just the bathroom that has issues? Not sure. What about the drainage system? Don’t know. Monday, I call the lender and he explains what he thinks it could mean, but also says we should contact the appraiser directly and find out. So I call my agent and he says that he’ll call and find out, and also check when we’ll be able to go down and do some work. Oh yeah! Did I mention that partway through this journey we found out the house is set to be foreclosed the week before we’re set to close? Yeah, we did. And the seller’s agent is talking to the bank about that, and it would be much better for everyone (especially my sanity and my chickens) to let Kati buy the house and not foreclose instead. And that is best for everyone, including the bank. And yet, we have heard nothing. So now, here we are, Monday the 17th at 2 pm, waiting to hear all of these things: a) can we buy the house and not have it foreclosed first? b) what exactly do these things on the appraisal report mean? c) when can we come down and fix them? And then I found out this morning as well that my lender does not think there is a chance that we can get all that done, and the reappraisal and approval of improvements, and the underwriters approval and the acceptance of the loan before the planned closing date of next Thursday. When CAN it all get done? Good question. As mentioned, we are still waiting to hear back on all the answers. So now, the plan of squeaking all this through and getting out of the house the first week in May is looking to be out the window. And the landlord is calling and asking me when we’ll be out and mentioning that they have all these things waiting and the sooner we get out the better, and all I can think is “if I had a place to freaking GO, I’d be GONE already!” Have I mentioned how bad I am at waiting? Bad. Very bad. The Carlos is not great about it either. In my attempt to be super positive and look only at the good side of things and not invite bad stuff by worrying about things not going well, I didn’t make any real plans for if this didn’t work. But, I have put out some feelers and I still think it’ll be fine. I have a nice lady that can take the poultry for a while, and we could get a storage unit for less than a month and get out if we have to wait. But I don’t want any of that to happen. So I still passionately hope that we get answers (and good ones!) soon. Like now would be great!

As mentioned above, I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding in Eastern Washington on May 20. My lovely Wendy is marrying a pretty cool dude and I get to be a part of it, for which I will always be thankful. That being said, when I said “I’d love to!” I didn’t know that I could be functionally homeless by then, and I didn’t know that all this house stuff would be happening. It’s a good thing I didn’t. I’d like to say I’d have been mature about that if I had known and I’d have bowed out gracefully, but we know better. I’d have said sure anyways and then I would have nobody but myself to blame. Now I can blame my landlords for the chaos that is my life right now. Also, Wendy is a dream of a bride, already having planned almost everything. All I’ve really had to do is go over there twice (which was actually rather nice!) and be half of a pair of girls who threw a bitchin’ Harry Potter themed bridal shower and a drink and paint bachelorette party. It’s been awesome so far, and I am so glad that wherever I end up moving to, it’ll have to be done at least four days before the wedding. I have noticed in my past that I tend to do all the large grown-up type stuff at the same time. Like back in 2010 when I graduated college, had a huge party, moved back to my parents’ house, attended a wedding and threw a baby shower. Within a 2 week time span. I survived that just fine, and this is not that much different, right? I mean, I’m updating a house, buying it, moving, partially demolishing and salvaging the old house and Maid-of-Honoring (yes that’s a verb now) a wedding all at once. I got this. I just wish I could get started!

My chickens and ducks are doing great. We’re pretty sure we have 2 females and one male duck, although we had two of them confused and it looks like Jupiter is a female and Venus is a male, but who cares, right? They don’t. We were always pretty sure Luna was a girl, so we got that one right. And they’re trying to learn to fly. They do not have it figured out yet, but it’s funny to watch them try. They run down the street or across the yard flapping their wings, stop running, keep flapping and jump. They have all the parts they need, but not in the right order yet. Oh well. The tiny chicks are less tiny. In fact, they have moved into the “ugly tiny dinosaur” stage of baby chickiness, but trust me. Still cute. They still live under a dining room table in the hallway (not in the dining room this time. Carlos’s mom lives in there.) I am hoping that we can just move the babies (there are 7 now. Zata passed away but the rest are doing great) out to the chicken coop when we get to the new house. I don’t think they’ll be inside at all. The adult chickens are doing well. I’m getting between 4 and 6 eggs most days, and sometimes find a random batch of four hidden on my porch. Or under a stack of branches. Or under Carlos’s work bench. Or in the middle of the walkway or under my foot or in the partial bag of shavings. Like I said, Easter egg hunts are just the norm around here! We had all the nieces and nephews over for Easter and a turkey dinner yesterday, but just having them search the chicken coop was apparently not festive enough. We hid about 7 million eggs for them yesterday and a great time was had by all.

I want to go into a whole blog post about my new adventures in Midlevel Marketing. For now I’ll just say if you are interested in essential oils, call me. I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and I am learning really slowly what that means and how to do it well. Of course, the day after I took the plunge and ordered my starter kit, I got the call about moving out and I have had some other things on my mind. I am reading and learning and I will be able to tell you about so many great things next time! (Including the great calming and invigorating effects I am already working into my life to avoid losing my mind!) Stay tuned!

This has been a super long blog post already and I am tired. I am going to close this one and talk to you again soon. Take care and keep us in your thoughts and stuff. And trust me, the party that will happen when this is all settled will be epic. I am talking epic! So far I’m calling it the “Kati turned 30 and also 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35, Carlos turned 40, they got engaged and bought a house and various other celebrations we have missed along the way” party. It’ll be awesome.

Take care and have a great one. All shall be well.


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