The chickens are paying their own way!

Hey everybody! How are you all doing today? I’m hanging in. They’re painting the floor here at my work and we have the doors open to keep the paint fumes down. It’s working decently well but there’s still a smell, and it’s freezing, but besides that I’m doing ok. It’s Thursday, so I’m blogging out to you all!

Chickens are all still alive and kicking. In fact, one is kicking everyone else’s ass right now. I think we’re having a bit of a pecking order reminder session this week. Turkey, who is the easiest one to recognize as he has some yellow feathers and he also follows me around talking to me, has some scabs on his comb from the head honcho putting him in his place some. Nothing serious, just some reminding as far as I can tell. Turkey’s a bit jumpy at dinner time, too. I really look forward to the time we have a bigger space and can separate the chickens out a bit so there will be less of that kind of thing. It’s not that our chickens are crammed in or anything, but we may want to have separate runs or houses when we have more space. And more chickens!

I believe I can safely say that the chickens paid for their own bag of food for this last bag. I have $25 from selling eggs, and I have one more dozen ready to sell tonight. 2 bags this last time I bought was $47.46, and $29 is more than half that! They’re paying their own way! Hooray!!!

I’ve been searching really hard for houses. We have one that we are optimistic about right now, but every time I go nuts telling everyone about a house, it turns out to not work out, so that’s all I’m going to say at this time. Vague I know but maybe that’s what I need to do.

I looked back over my Habit Tracker for January and I learned a couple of things. I worked out about half the days, which is actually not too bad. I did great on not eating sugar. I did really well eating fruit. I only meditated once and I barely worked on learning to play piano. I’m sure you can all guess what I’m going to focus on more this month!

I tried something new about a week ago; kefir cheese. I’ve told you before about how I make and drink kefir, but it is kind of an acquired taste and no one else in the house drinks it right now. I read an article that if you have extra, you can make cheese with it and I did! It was super easy. I learned a couple of lessons, mainly that I need a much bigger piece of cheesecloth than I thought I did, but it still worked. The flavor is a bit strong, but we added some dill and some salt and it was pretty good. Safi tried it and she went back for more, so that’s a ringing endorsement right there! I already have about enough kefir to try again, and we’ll see what we get this time. I think I want to try garlic in it and see how that tastes. By the way, if anyone wants kefir grains to make your own kefir (google it! It is super super good for you!) let me know. I have plenty to share!

I got involved with a website where you can read and review books for money (not the one I’m already doing for free books!) and I read my first book for them. It was a charming book and I am trying to think about how I want to write the review. Once that’s done I post it to the site and hope they like it. This review is a freebie. They don’t start giving you a chance to actually do paid reviews until you review a couple and prove you’re competent. I’ll let you know what they think and when I’ll start getting paid!

I’m hoping to learn to make soap soon. I wanted to take a class in soapmaking, but I can’t find any, so I guess I’ll just strike out on my own. It seems like a useful thing to know, and when we get a new place and someday get a couple of goats, I would like to make and sell goat milk soap to help balance the cost of the goats themselves. (Do you see a pattern here of animals paying their own way?) That should be interesting when I get that plan in motion.

Critters are all doing fine. I make Koga go with me when I go jogging. He is not really the world’s best jogging partner as he wants to sniff more than run, but he’s a good boy. We’ll both be in such good shape soon! The cats are both fine and demanding, as usual.

I can’t really think of anything else to mention right now. Not a lot of stuff changing yet, although it will soon I am sure (we really do need to find a house so that we can start moving before they tear this one down!) I have been pushing the egg sales and now I generally have people that want eggs before I have enough to sell them, so that’s going well. Got my taxes done already and now I don’t have to worry about losing all the paperwork. I have been making some credit goals and making pages for them in my Bullet Journal. I learned yesterday that my low payment for student loans is actually not even enough to cover interest only and the loan goes up every month. I hope to boost my monthly payment soon so that maybe I’ll pay that off before I die. Hopefully.

That’s about it right now I guess. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you soon!


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