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Hello everybody! How are we all doing this week? Over here, I am doing alright. I don’t think there’s a ton to talk about, so I guess I’ll get started.

None of the chickens died this week. This is a good thing and I hope to keep it up. I sold four dozen eggs over the weekend. The girls are still laying as many as 8 a day and not less than 4, so that’s pretty good. I am thinking I would like a couple more laying hens in the flock, but I don’t think it’s a great idea until we move.

House hunting has been rocky this week. I found out for sure that regardless of whether there are 2 or 4 of us, our income is too high (in one case just barely so!) to get down payment assistance on manufactured homes, so our rather limited range of possibilities just got even narrower. Oh well. I have been looking every day and I have found a couple but none of them have worked out. Mostly they are not up to scratch enough to pass inspections or to qualify for lending. Sometimes they are too far away from work. One seemed great until I found out it did not have a kitchen, a septic tank or a well. The most recent one, from yesterday, is only 576 square feet. This is not big enough, and even if we wanted to build a whole compound of tiny houses, less than 600 hundred is too small even for the interim. I am waiting to hear back on a couple more but we’ll see. We have not gotten notice from the landlords yet but we know that is coming. It also is a little bit concerning that so many of the houses that are out there are suddenly going to auction. Not only can we not buy a house at auction (you need all the money up front) generally houses that go to auction are bought by developers and then torn down. So houses that we kind of like, on a bit of land, get replaced by more houses with tiny yards, lessening the amount of houses with land available. Boo.

I have been doing some working out and other habit-tracking, self-improvement type stuff since New Year’s, and I must say, several of those things are going pretty well. I’m doing a jogging app (the same one as a few years ago) and a pilates calendar to follow and a yoga calendar as well. I have done some working out about half of the days so far. I am really enjoying all of it and I am always happy when I get the workouts done. I am trying to work on meal planning, budgeting, drinking more water and lots of other stuff as well. One of the fun things that is actually helping is my habit tracker in my Bullet Journal. I made a big grid with the list of things I want to work on down the side and the days of the month across the top. When I accomplish that thing on that day, I get to color it in. I really have had a few things here and there where just knowing if I do (or in some cases don’t do) that thing on that day means I get to color it in helps push me that tiny bit to make it happen. Here is a picture of my habit tracker for the month so far.

I seem to be doing pretty well on the stuff on the bottom and not so much on the top stuff, but I can say with some pride that I have done every single thing on the list at least once! I will adjust and shift it around for next month, and I am thinking about taking off the things I have done the best (since I seem to be doing them pretty well so far) and replacing them with new things. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll leave them on there as a confidence booster! One of the habit tracker spots I have is trying to be better about working on having a cleaner house. This is slow motion for me, but I think I am making it a little better. If nothing else, I am not letting it get (much) worse. I am also working on finding some new recipes so that I can plan meals and use the crockpot even more, which is lovely. We have recently tried Lasagna Soup, which was ok. We’ll not add the pasta before literally putting it in our bowls to eat next time. We tried Tamale Pie which was a huge hit except with the animals who thought it was too spicy. Tonight we’re having Chicken Tikka Masala. I am really excited about this one because I think it’s going to be either super awesome or completely inedible, and that not knowing is always exciting. I have some recipes for make ahead and freeze casseroles to start trying soon, and that will make life even that much easier if any of them are good.

My dear friend Wendy asked me to be in her wedding and I am stoked. The wedding is in May and we are going to throw her an awesome bridal shower and bachelorette party weekend in April. I am so excited, and of course nervous that I won’t do a good enough job, but she has some other great friends involved who are helping out as well. It should be awesome.

I can’t really think of anything else right now. If I do I will remember to let you know next week! Have a great one and take care.


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