Blogging with a break in the middle doesn’t work that well….

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well. I am at work and not particularly busy at the moment, and I totally forgot to blog yesterday, so here I am. Not a ton of big things going on right now, or at least I don’t think so, but I’ll tell you some stuff as I think of it.

House hunting is still in full swing, and I am actively waiting for an answer on the future of it. My lender that I have that has helped me immensely works for a place that does not do lending for manufactured homes, so for the most part I haven’t looked at “manis” very much, not wanting to jump ship. I am, however, starting to have some real fears about having to sell my roosters to people who will eat them and moving into an apartment with 2 cats that love outside and a beagle that loves to howl, so I have widened my view to see if there even are any manis that I like. I found one that seemed ok, and my lender used his judgment of such things to say that it may pass inspections, and he gave me a contact of someone who can lend on them. I talked with her last night and realized that we may have a new snag in all this. Apparently, most down payment assistance programs don’t lend on manufactured homes, either. I do not have down payment money, so if there is no assistance, I am not able to buy that house. This new lender is looking to see if there are any programs that can do both and I am waiting as we speak for an answer. We may be back on the “absolutely no manufactured homes” type of searching again. We’ll see.

I had another chicken die this week, a rooster this time. He was one of the bantams that moved in back in August. He went very quickly. We saw him looking droopy/tired/narcoleptic, trying to get warm by sitting under the dryer vent. We brought him inside where he sat wherever he could be warmest. He ate some food. He held one wing a little funny, seemed to get sort of comfortable in his crate. He died over night. I do not know why the chickens keep dying, but I do wish they would stop it. We are now at 11 roosters and 11 hens. I know that number is ridiculous. I don’t care.

I am getting between 4 and 8 eggs a day. As part of my work on improving some daily habits, I have really been pushing sales of eggs. I sell them for $4 a dozen and I have sold out. I have 11 right now at the house, will get hopefully 6 or more today and tomorrow, and one of my customers is waiting for those 2 dozen. It’s nice. I think I mentioned before that the chickens almost paid for their own food last month. We’ll see how well they do this time!

I took a break and went to lunch. Still no word on whether we can get a manufactured home with down payment assistance. Honestly, I don’t really mind either way. It’ll be nice to know whether it’s possible.

The Seahawks lost last Saturday. It sucked a lot. In retaliation and reaction to my sadness, I went for a walk to get milk. I walked to Target and back. My phone told me that I walked over 4 miles. There are worse ways to deal with sads.

I am having a thoroughly off kind of day today. I am tired and it’s been a long week. The day is dragging and all I want to do is read my book. Everyone is sad and scared and depressed because it’s inauguration day and no one seems to like that. I have avoided the news and most of the conversation about all of it. In fact, I am really out of the loop with news as well as new music on account of I listen strictly to podcasts when I am driving. My current favorite is Unspoiled Harry Potter where one girl has read the books before and the other hasn’t, and they discuss it a couple chapters at a time as the unspoiled one reads it. It’s pretty badass. I have caught up to last March, and they are about halfway through the fifth book. In real time they are in the last book. I’m curious how close they’ll be to the end when I do ultimately catch up.

That’s about it I think. Sorry that I was talking one way and feeling upbeat in the first half and kind of down in the dumps the second half. I should probably not take a break in the future. I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll talk to you later!


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