Checking in and updating

Hey everyone! I am here to blog today. I will be honest with you, this blog post will not be super long or particularly involved. I am trying to do NaNoWriMo again this year, and I am nearly 11,000 words behind. I am not writing a novel really, just trying to get junk out of my head, but I really like being able to brag that I wrote 50,000 words in a month and therefor “won” and I feel like any time I take to write should go to that at the moment. All that said, I figure you need a bit of an update.

First things first, and sorry for the sorrow, but Scarlett died. It was not a huge shock, there came a point when I just knew she wasn’t coming back. She’s been buried under the apple trees where all the chickies spend their days (deep enough so they don’t get to her of course…) Since then, a second hen has also passed away. Pinecone showed no signs of illness or anything. I just found her dead in the chicken house one evening when I got home from work. She hasn’t been buried yet (I know, that’s not really a job that gets better with time. Blame it on Daylight Savings.) Everyone else seems fine as far as I can tell. There is still the one little banty missing (I am pretty much used to the idea that she isn’t reappearing from hiding with a huge collection of chicks) and now the two ladies gone, so we’re down to 26 of the beasts. And I am still getting about one egg every other day. At this time I just hope it’s a winter thing….

The election is over and for that I am in no way interested in discussing it and in fact only bring it up at all for one reason. As I am reading back years of other blogs, I find that I am always thankful for anything that gives me an idea of when it happened, so now this post informs someone else that this part of my life is when that one guy was elected over that one woman. That’s all.

Big changes coming in the make up of the house. The kids are on track to transition home to their parents over Thanksgiving break. Their parents have successfully pleased the state enough to give them a chance to have them back. I am more torn over this than over I think anything ever in my life. Literally one minute to the next I go from completely fine and happy with it to crushed and sad that they’ll be gone soon. There are lots of other feelings going on as well, including guilt that I didn’t do everything better than I did, and relief that we can maybe have a bit more social life, and guilt for feeling relieved, and excitement that they can be with their parents and see how that goes, and sadness that they won’t be here at Christmas, and huge relief that the state won’t be involved in our lives anymore, and concern for the dog and the cat (just one. Kougle I don’t think will miss them. She’s like that) and their loneliness when they don’t have their kids anymore. There’s more that I can’t even name and haven’t explored yet. It’s a big thing and I guess I’ll figure it out as I go.

Still looking for a house. Grr. Need to find one and wish it would hurry up. I want to start settling in and I really want to get a couple of goats. I feel like some of the concerns I have had about food security are getting ever more concerning and I would like to move forward on my personal security plans. But no goats and no bees at a rental. This seems a reasonable rule to put in place.

I think that’s about it at the moment. I’m going to try and write some more “novel” now. No, you can’t read it. It’s mostly just a long-term rant and a collection of as many words as I can throw in. If you would like to read the one I wrote last time, my mom has a copy but I don’t think she’ll share. My own copy is with my buddy Jeremy for the moment and when he’s done I can lend it to the next one. (Yes, that’s a not-so-subtle attempt to check and see if Jeremy is actually reading it – or this blog – hi Jeremy!)

I hope everyone is doing awesome. Hopefully next week I’ll feel less like a writing slacker and I can tell you something interesting, like my overall farm plan. Maybe. Have a great week!


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