Just some updates

Hey everyone!

I put off blogging today because I didn’t feel like I really had much to say, so this will be a bit short, but at least it’s here!

Bread did not happen last weekend. I was so excited to try it and then I got busy. They were calling for a pretty monstrous wind storm around here Saturday and Carlos and I had to work on the chicken house to try and weatherize it before it got nasty. As it turned out, it never did get super bad, or really much at all, which was good because we were out in it until almost 9 pm. That’s how we roll around here. The chicken house now has house wrap around it and I think this weekend we’ll side it. Then we need to figure out how to get a light out there for light (duh) and a bit of heat. I am getting one egg every other day or so, and while I think some are still hiding them, I think laying itself has gone way down due to the weather. Hopefully we can pick that back up.

Speaking of chickens, two of the little Banty hens didn’t come home last night. They have been known to sleep up in the trees in the past, and they are small and quick and can fly and smart, so I think they’ll be okay, but I didn’t actually see them up in the trees this time, so I worry a bit as well. I also have a sneaking suspicion they were holed up somewhere (maybe under the shed?) sitting on a big ol’ pile of eggs.

I have not sat down and written out my Dream Farm Plan yet. I will. Someday.

I talked to the landlord yesterday. They are having a guy come in to test for asbestos. She mentioned that planning and moving toward construction is happening, but she promised me again (?) that they will give us at least 2 months’ notice. This is concerning because originally they said 6 months’. As of right now, she thinks it will be at least 4, maybe as much as 5 or 6. She also mentioned that if we have a hard time finding a place to move to they’ll see if any of the other houses they own would work for us. Right. Us and our 29ish chickens and beagle and cats and vehicles and such. I know for a fact that none of the other houses they rent out are on enough space for us. Crap. I guess we better start looking for a house. (That was said with heavy sarcasm since we have been actively looking for a house for like, I don’t know, a year or more?) In the hopes of finding a house sooner, I am sort of planning on planting garlic this weekend. I need to find some seed garlic and then I am going to plant it. October is the time to plant it, and I feel like the universe loves to do that kind of thing to me, like as soon as I do something that suggests staying here the perfect house will appear. At this point, I am ready to try literally anything, so hopefully garlic and magic this weekend. And bread. Hopefully bread, too.

I hope all is well for everyone. I plan to blog more better and more longer next week. I also think I hope to try maybe blogging more often, less like a huge production and more like a conversation. Maybe. I don’t know. Thinking thoughts. Have a great one!


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