Release of pressure

We made it through!

That social worker visit that we’ve been dreading, the one that was supposed to happen last week and got postponed, the one that we have been busting our asses to prepare for, that has pushed us to build and organize and clean and mop and prep and miss stuff for happened yesterday. And guess what. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, we were thoroughly over prepared (what? Us? Yes, indeed, miracles do happen!) We’re not completely done yet, and there will be an actual, deep checking of the house soon enough, but as it turns out, that’s not what yesterday’s meeting was supposed to be about anyways. She did look to see that the chickens were moved out, and she did check and make sure that the yard looks better, but mostly she just talked with us. Next visit she’ll do the same and we’ll have our “couples interview” (when was the last time we did anything as a couple?) and THEN the intense house check. Luckily, I think we’ll be ready. Ish. At least I think so. Eek.

Honestly, that meeting yesterday has been looming so large and freaking me so bad, I don’t even quite know what else has happened or what to talk about. Oh wait! Yes I do! I got a grain mill! I can grind my own flour. And by the way, turns out that on the phone, “grain mill” sounds a lot like “brain meld” do that when I told Carlos I was getting one, he thought I was going to meet Spock. Silly phone. Anyways, I got one. And it’s awesome. And I am going to make bread and pancakes and shit like that. Have I ever made bread? Nope. Have I ever made pancakes? Nope. But I am going to. And it’s going to be awesome. I had a talk with the Carlos last night about the mill. He has said that he’s happy for me that I got it, and at such a great deal ($40! It’s on Amazon for $220! Thank you Craigslist!) but he’s not so much excited about it himself yet. I told him that’s fine. I mean, we have had a lot of things on our minds and stuff, and the thing hasn’t even seen any wheat berries yet, so lack of excitement is thoroughly understandable. Then I explained to him why I AM so excited and what it means to me. We want to farm. We want to raise our own. We want to know what we’re eating and remove ourselves from needing the grocery store. We have made strides toward this recently (hello almost 30 chickens, and RIP garden. We miss you.) On top of the want to farm, I want to revolutionize our diet. I want to go for a traditional diet with real stuff and real fat and hopefully no over-processed food-like products. I think next week I will try to do a more in-depth post about it complete with books to read and stuff like that, but suffice it to say for now that I want to make all or most (ok, for now I’ll settle for “some”) of our own food. And this grinder is the first step. Ever since I read all of The Elliott Homestead blog entries, I thought I wanted to eat the way they do and live the way they do, and I thought that a grain mill was the first step. And then I read more and studied more and planned and dreamed, and still the grain mill was the first step. But there is no way I am dropping a couple hundred dollars for one right now. None. So, we’ll try other things first and we’ll do what we can. So now I do kefir. That’s the first thing and that’s basically the only thing so far, and I’m the only one who drinks it! But I was revving up to make bread. I was re-reading and printing out Shaye’s recipe for soaked bread. And I was almost ready to try it with just the best flour I could find. And the Craigslist gods smiled and I found Spock (no, I am not sure that is the name yet. I’m testing out different ideas. And yes, I name pretty much everything. Remember, my juicer that made Lavender Lemonade possible is named Biggie Smalls.) I explained all of that to Carlos. I told him that this grinder is the step. It’s like the first chicken. It’s what is going to take us to the life we want. He got it. I knew I liked that guy for a reason. We may argue, but he does have the ability to understand some of what I say. Sometimes.

So this weekend I am going to try making bread. I am going to do it the hardest possible way (also known as the Kati Way.) Of course. See, from what I understand, making bread is hard. Making it without a breadmaker is harder. Making it with flour you milled yourself is harder. Making it with soaked flour is harder. But why would I ever try to work up to super hard bread? I’m going to go for the hard way the first time and go from there. Of course. So maybe next week I’ll offer that you should try my bread. Or maybe I’ll offer everyone free paperweights. I don’t know, but I intend to find out.

I’m following a new blog. I finished up with The Elliott Homestead and also with Weed ‘Em and Reap. I loved those ones but I read every single blog post ever and now I have moved on to a new one. Cold Antler Farm. I am loving this. Her name is Jenna and she is awesome. I find myself wanting to do all the things she does. I am seriously going to follow her advice and take up the fiddle. And try making her pancakes. And I just enjoy it so much. I am only up to November of 2010 so far, so I have 5 more years to read and she is prolific, so I won’t need another new blog for a while. In one of her posts that I just read, she explained about how she has reached her goal of buying her own farm and how she thinks she managed to do that. She wrote it down. She wrote down her goals and dreams. I have heard that before but I didn’t really take it to heart. Write it down. I need to do that. I thoroughly meant to do it right now in this blog post, but all of a sudden I am not so sure. I want to think about it more first. How’s that for true Kati style-say you’re going to write down your goals so you can achieve them, and then say you’re going to do it later? Oh well. I am. I am going to do it later. I suddenly don’t feel like it’s the right time to do it today. Or maybe the sinus issue and release of stress has gotten to me and I feel lazy. Or who knows. All of a sudden I am done with blogging for today. Just like that.

Thank you all for following me and reading my stuff. I appreciate it. I’ll see you soon.

And by the way, yes, I am proud of my new ability to link to other blogs from my blog, thankyouverymuch!


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