Updates and changed dates

Hey everyone. How are things? As you can guess, things are different for me, but I’m dealing. Last week was tough and I miss Bob a lot, but not actively. Just when I think about it. And I guess I always will. And I want to say thank you to everyone who showed concern and sent their thoughts to the family after Bob’s death last week. I got a lot of Facebook comments and texts, as did the announcement posts from Mom and Jay on Facebook. And if you haven’t seen pictures of the sign the family posted telling people to slow down and the flowers and cards that were left there, check it out. People were moved, and some of them probably never met him. Good boy Bob.

Even when we are knocked out and down and tired and sad, life goes on, and mine is no different. Friday night we worked on Mindy’s car and I rest better knowing that it is in better running order. Can’t leave Mindy with no car now, can we? Saturday I went out on the town for Teresa’s bachelorette party in my totally bitchin’ mask I made (complete with butterflies and lights!) Wow do I not go out much anymore! I left my car at the Safeway where we met so I could partake in alcoholic festivities, but ended up only having one hard apple cider and one jello shot. Even with so little consumed, I still almost fell asleep in the car between one place and the next. Just not a party animal I guess.

We spent the rest of the weekend getting ready for a Big Important social worker visit on Wednesday. This social worker is for our homecheck which is supposed to be sure that the kids are safe living with us and that we can keep them (yes, we’re at the almost two year mark, but these things take time. Also, we all took it slow because we thought we would be moving.) You know how this kind of thing is: even if you keep a wicked clean and tidy house (which, let’s be honest, I really don’t) you still make sure to pull out all the stops when important company comes over. You move furniture. You wash things. You scrub walls. You build huge shacks to store your garbage cans in (ok, maybe that’s just the Carlos, but what can you do?) You take the day off work so that you can do last-minute things. You skip out on seeing a friend you haven’t seen in over 5 years because you want to make sure you have more time. You cancel counseling. You cancel acupuncture. You schedule with your sister to come get the kids so that you can have a Very Important Meeting without playing referee to “who yelled at who first” matches at the same time. You freak out because there is no way it’s going to all get done in time. You come to peace with that and just do the best you can. And then you get a call canceling the whole thing and rescheduling for next Wednesday. That’s right y’all. The Big Visit that we’ve been fretting over still hasn’t happened. It’s next week. It’s, like, such a bummer and also such a relief. You get more time to get things ready, but you don’t get the release of actually having it done. And then, if you’re me, your significant other wakes up the next day basically unable to walk due to a sprained ankle and you realize that very little extra is probably going to get done in the delay time anyway. Yup. Carlos is out and out with a wicked bad ankle and the house looks virtually identical to how it did on Wednesday when we got the call asking to reschedule. Oh well. We’ll do the best we can.

On the same day as the Big Meeting that didn’t happen, we got some concerning news. Someone from the city came to take pictures of the property. In case you don’t know, our time in this house is limited. It was sold a couple years ago to a nice couple who intend to tear it down and build six houses on the lot (it’s an acre and a quarter and zoned for that kind of thing.) We need to get out before that happens. We’re trying. And trying. We look and search and dream and hope and explore for houses. We keep looking. And trying. And nothing is really working. We can’t seem to find one that we like that we can also get approved for. Damn it. It’s been ok though because although we know there is a time limit, the building and permitting and such is moving slow and we don’t expect a huge rush. Until now. Maybe. The man from the city said the permits have been approved and they can move forward. I called the city and was told that the house permits have been approved but now they need to do the civil permits for the road. That will take at least a month, more likely three, and quite likely more than that. So that’s good I guess. And I think it’s unlikely that they will be in such a big hurry that they’ll get rid of us (who are, after all, paying their mortgage) just to tear down the house and build the road in the winter time. I hope. That being said, we need to find a place. I don’t think renting is likely to be an option, what with the 29 chickens and the beagle. And we want to buy anyway. But it’s hard to find a place to buy, and all the harder when all your time is spent working on the house you have to get it ready to be approved, just to have to do the whole thing again when you move (if the kids are still with us then.) So, as usual, there is a lot of hurry up and wait, a lot of each step waiting on another step, a lot of “settling in” activities in a place we should be preparing to leave. It’s a lot. And I am tired. But we carry on.

By the way, I believe I am getting a grain mill tomorrow. I will be able to grind my own flour and make my own bread! No, I have never done either of these things before. Yes, I am super excited about it anyway. It definitely feels like a good next step in homesteading and eating a more traditional diet. Also, the fact that I think I’m paying over $150 less than I could get it on Amazon just makes it all the sweeter. I should get it picked up tomorrow and then we’ll see. Fresh bread for everybody! Also, one other thing. The hens either all stopped laying for the winter at the same time, or all the little bitches are hiding their eggs. I was getting seven or eight a day at least, and then starting a couple of weeks ago, I’m getting one or two. Jerks.

Have a great one you guys! Talk to you later.


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