Blog because, seriously, why don’t I more often?

Hello everyone! It has been, well, way too long since I checked in. Life has been busy and I have been insane (or is it life is insane and I’ve been busy?) and I just haven’t been up to it. I’m struggling with several different things right now (nothing horrible or strange or anything, just irritated and stressed like usual) and I haven’t been able to plan out a real life blog post, so here are the bullet points instead:

  • I have been reading a really great blog, The Elliott Homestead. I started back 70 pages ago at the beginning and read all the posts up to the present. It is awesome and I want to be her friend and now that I’m caught up and have to wait in real time, I’m a bit lost.
  • I am aware that I claim to be super busy but then also say I have spent who knows how much time reading 70 pages of a blog. Yes, this is true. I read it at work when there are slow times and not at home where there are no slow times.
  • Reading Shaye’s blog is part of why I am going to try (again) to be better about writing in this blog. I really want to be someone who blogs regularly. So blog regularly, already.
  • The car is still not fixed. The Carlos wants to do something about cleaning something and needs a head gasket set and that’s a pricey item that has not worked into the budget (really? You think I actually have a budget? That’s cute) yet. So, we have one car and that’s fine because:
  • Carlos’s hands are almost back up to full function. That’s right, folks, the arthritis/swelling/we’re-not-sure-exactly-what-it-is-but-it’s-painful he was going through when I started this new job almost 3 months ago is only now settled down to the point that he can make a fist. This means he’s been in a lot of pain and not a lot of accomplishment mode for quite a while, but it seems to be passing. Finally. A return to acupuncture seems to be helping.
  • We have not bought a house yet. We find houses we like, they won’t work for our financing or whatever, or they sell, or the other real estate agent is an asshole, or whatever but we’re still in the teeny-tiny, destined to be torn down, never meant to be here this long let alone with 2 kids house. Still. 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats, 6 chickens, 1 dog. 1 bathroom, approximately 1000 square feet, 2 bedrooms, and (I mention again) a chicken pen instead of a living room. I’m losing my mind.
  • We had 4 adults for about 6 months. We are now back down to 2.
  • We currently have 6 chickens, of which 5 are males. Our egg production is very low. This is going to remedy itself in a big way very soon. Also, the chickens’ outdoor palace shall be occupied by next week. (Yes, they were supposed to be out, oh, I don’t know, 2 years ago, and even more importantly several months ago. See above about Carlos’s hands as well as previous blog posts about the general state of his health.)
  • We still have 2 kids. They are hilarious. I am still horrifically bad at having kids. I am still working on this every day. We are not sure how much longer we will have said kids. The state makes these decisions and these decisions are moving forward.
  • We were supposed to have the house checked by the state to make sure we are safe to keep these kids. We are behind. That shall be remedied in about 2.5 weeks when the process is pushed forward whether we are ready or not. Hence, it’s a good thing the chickens are moving soon.
  • I am thinking (again) about joining in a Network Marketing company and selling their product. I’m unsure about this. I don’t know how to decide if I want to do it. For now, I take a severe lack of funds as the sign that as of right this minute, I should not do that.
  • I am aware that some of these points are super vague, and I do intend to explain it all to all of you at a later date.
  • I am also aware that my tone is a bit, um, snappy maybe, as well as possibly crabby a bit. Or at least that’s the way it feels to me. And I apologize for that.

That’s about it for me I think. A little snappiness, a bit of vague complaining and promises of more info later, and that’s it. My work here is done. Hope you all have a great one and I’ll talk to you more regularly and soon!


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