Helloooo everybody!

Hello everybody! How are things? I hope all is well for all of you. Myself, I have had a really tough week. I found myself very upset and easily angered all week for no particular reason that I can put my finger on. I am better today so far so hopefully it was just a thing. Maybe the moon, although I have never consciously noticed feeling cruddy around the full moon before. Who knows?

Still looking for a house, and by looking I mean looking and looking and looking. I am so ready to get this thing going. How is it that we had so much momentum a few months ago, but now that we’re pre-approved we can’t seem to find one that we can agree on, that we love, that we can afford, that we can even really stand? We’re working with a real estate agent now (Hi Rory!) and he’s being very helpful, sending me things as he finds them and following up on his fancy website to get more info than we’re privy to. I have begun sending him tons of houses every day to look in to and tell me what he can find. We went and looked (by ourselves) at 5 houses last weekend. 1 we didn’t like, 2 we did somewhat, one was already sold (as the bitchy neighbor informed us as he watched to make sure we didn’t ruin anything. Glad we won’t be living next to him!) and one is interesting in a buy it and flip it kind of way. Later we found out that our lender does not lend on manufactured homes, so even the two that we kind of liked are out now. Wow. That was useful I guess. Now we’ve narrowed our search even more and we just keep hoping something jumps out. I don’t think we’ll be going searching this weekend as we have a social worker visit Tuesday and should really focus on getting stuff moved out to the new storage shed, which is almost finished. Maybe taking a weekend off from going to look will be the magic needed and we’ll find the perfect house next week. I sure hope so!

Still keeping an eye out for a new job. I was really good last week sending out resumes, almost all of which I have received “thanx no thanx” answers for. Maybe the Border Collie reference in the cover letter doesn’t actually have the desired effect. Oh well. I swear there are times I feel like “keep on keepin’ on” belongs tattooed on my forehead. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone would hire me ever then.

I discovered something totally cool about my blogs a couple of days ago. OK, so I actually knew this before but never looked at it that much. When I go to the stats tab, it tells me all the countries people who read my blog are from. It’s actually a hell of an ego boost to look and see that your blog has been read in a remarkably large number of countries. Of course I made pages for this in my Bullet Journal and I’m pretty happy with the affect. I wish that I had planned better so that the US and Canada weren’t the same color, but I’ll no better for next time. By the way, I am aware that part of the wide readership from my review blog is that I reviewed The Miracle Morning a bit ago and have therefore gotten a big boost in readers, but I don’t care about why! My blogs have been read all over the place and by lots of people! I also need to make sure that I don’t get nervous about any of the things I’ve said in the past! I haven’t gotten any complaints so far so I think we’re okay.

This is a bit of a short one this week. I just don’t really know what else to talk about. Job search, house search, search for balance, work, home, kids. That’s most of what I have going on. I haven’t managed to start doing Miracle Mornings yet (too many people in my house, nowhere to be alone. Or so I tell myself when the alarm goes off!) but I really am going to start soon. Really.

With that I sign off for the week. Have a lovely one and we’ll talk again next week!



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