So what have I been up to?

Hello everybody! So sorry about last week. It was hell. We had a social worker visit Thursday afternoon and I had to leave work early, and then on Friday I accidently brought the only key to the van to work with me (my other set of keys is lost. I hope to find it soon) and had to leave work super early and pick up Monty from school, so I had no time to blog either day. And then of course you saw what I actually managed to get posted when I finally did sit down to it. What a mess. I don’t know if it was the iPad or the Bluetooth keyboard or the website or what, but that very short little blurb took me over 20 minutes to get done, and I was on the verge of falling asleep! At least now I have some time to do it right!

Where to start. Oh yeah, house buying. We are preapproved! I haven’t been talking about it as much lately because last time I thought everything was going well it all fell through and I didn’t want to do that again, but I talked to a different mortgage guy I had been talking to a couple years ago and he said he’s got us preapproved and we should start looking (start? We’ve been looking all along and yet suddenly can’t find the perfect one….) I’m meeting up with the real estate agent on Friday to discuss what we’re after and we’ll go from there. Cross your fingers for us. We are so so so so ready to get this show on the road!

Monty and I have suddenly started getting along better. I don’t know why or how or for how long, but at the moment we seem to be doing much better and I don’t spend all my time either angry or worried that I’m always angry. Hopefully that keeps up.

Safi had a birthday on Saturday. She’s two now! Can you believe it? So big. And smart. She takes after her brother that way; they are both incredibly bright and quick to learn. They’re both doing pretty well.

The challenges. Remember when I had that long post about all the challenges I started for January and told you about them all? Yeah, mostly those have dropped off, or at least they’re not going as planned. The yoga one is still going and it’s important to me, but I can’t (excuse me, “have yet to”) carve out the time to do it every day. This means that a challenge that should have ended January 30 didn’t and in fact yesterday I did day 12. Oh well. I have not given up and I think my new plan will allow me to get it done more regularly. More on the new plan in a bit. I let go of the self-care challenge when I realized I was more worried about it than I was getting anything good. Same thing about a week or so ago with the list one. It started to feel like homework and I didn’t like the time it took so I let it go as well. The housecleaning one has stalled out completely but I still migrate the task every day in the Bullet Journal. What that means is that I have a spot that says “clean oven” on every day since about the second week of January. I’m going to make a stand here. If I don’t get the oven cleaned and get moved on to the next task this week I’m going to call that one quits too. If I do get it done, I’ll carry on for a while longer (or until my house is clean!) The change jar is the one that I have actually kept up with the best. I forgot the last couple days but I’ll get it done when I get home. We are up to the 12s, which means to catch up I need to but in 12 dimes, 12 quarters and 13 pennies to be caught up to today. It’s starting to get a bit more challenging to find the money, but soon I’ll switch and just start doing the right amount but all in pennies (I have a large jar of pennies in the laundry room and could make it quite a while in this doing strictly pennies…) I don’t know how much we’ll have when we’re done but it’s super fin to see the change in the jar get deeper and deeper. Oh, yeah, and the prepper challenge is slow but I am going to finish it soon. I’ve done up through day 23 and when it’s done I don’t think I’ll find something to replace it. I have new things to focus on.

If you guys haven’t had a chance yet, if you have the time you could check out my second blog that I started for reviewing books, where I talk about the books I’ve been reading and some of the new things I’m going to try. Last week I reviewed a book about tidying up and what I thought I was going to do with the new information. Since I got pretty in-depth over there I don’t want to do it again here, but suffice to say that there’s a method of tidying called the Konmari method, or KM, and I think I’m going to do it. I haven’t actually started yet but I have been working on adopting the mindset. Basically, if there is something in your home that does not spark joy in you, get rid of it and move on. I did a tiny bit in my closet last week and it was great, like giving myself an excuse to get rid of things I don’t wear without feeling bad about it. I want to do more of the clothes and then go from there but we’ll see. This is a big deal for me and I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but I think it will help a lot. I’m thinking of it as a different kind of housecleaning challenge, so it may take place of the one I’m not really doing anymore anyway. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Another book that I reviewed over there was The Miracle Morning. This one is a very popular self-improvement kind of book and I really like what it has to say. Basically you should get up an hour early every day and use that hour to improve yourself. There’s a list of 6 different things you should do each day to improve everything about your life and get to where you can live the best possible life in all ways. I am not sure whether I think it can change your life to the extent claimed, but I do want to give it a try. One of the things you are supposed to do is Scribe or write in your journal. Keep track of the things you did the day before, or things to work on, or gratitudes or any number of other things. Be sure to put the time to it every day. I think that will take the place of both the self-care challenge and the lister challenge, and it will be more organic to myself and what I’m doing. Another thing you are supposed to do with your hour is exercise, so I think the yoga will finally have its specific spot in my day that I always wanted it to. I got up early yesterday and did a bit of a shortened version of the Miracle Morning, and I am working through a worksheet to help prepare to make them as great as possible, so we’ll see how it goes.

I have been applying for jobs better this week than I had been. I got 3 applied to so far, which is pretty good. I haven’t heard back yet but it’s still early. I also more firmly adopted an “I don’t really give a shit” attitude about cover letters, which I hope helps and doesn’t hurt me. Instead of having a boring cover letter with bullet points about why my resume that they are going to read anyways fits with their position, which never really got me anywhere, I’ve got a bit more, shall we say informal. Basically I write a short note saying that I am a perfect match for their job, I am good at all the things they say they need, which I list out for them, and then describe myself as hard-working and bright like a Border Collie. Yup, I compare myself to a dog in my cover letter. I once answered the question of “if you were an animal what animal would you be” in an interview with Border Collie and got what turned out to be the best job ever (Northwest Trek.) Everyone in that interview still remembers it fondly. And besides, if the point of the cover letter is both to separate myself from the crowd and to get them to want to know more about me, what better way than to be a complete lunatic and try to be funny? At least this is what I tell myself. We shall see how it goes.

I think y’all are up to date now. I told you it would be a better (or at least longer!) blog this week, and I delivered. Have a great one and I’ll see you soon!


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