Hey! It’s Friday!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing this week? I know it’s Friday and not Thursday but I’m here and you’re here and that’s what matters!

It has been kind of a hard week for us at the Schwalvo residence. (Yes, I put our two last names together, yes I insist on using that word to describe us, and yes if I could talk him into it I would change both our last names to that upon marriage. In any case, I will probably name our new house the Schwalvo Farm, too!) It’s been a rough one because everyone has been sick. Mostly a bit of a fever, very tired and lethargic, the bigger people complaining of headache and upset (though mostly not pukey, thank goodness!) stomachs. The bigger kid missed 2 days of school for sick, one for a workshop day where there was no school anyways, and one for a meeting we had with DSHS yesterday. Let me tell you, getting him to school today was a real treat. (Actually, since he fell asleep about 7 last night and slept straight through until 6ish, he had plenty of time to warm up to the idea and decided he didn’t really mind going after all.) The littler kid didn’t come down with it until night before last, Uncle Carlos has been fighting it since about Tuesday, Grandma has had it since about Monday and Uncle Diz got there I think yesterday. I have not yet come down with it, but I am aware that it’s coming. Hopefully mine is short and mild.

I finished editing my novel I wrote in November and submitted it for printing. That was one of the prizes for winning the challenge, a company will print a copy of it for you for free. I know it’s not perfect but it’ll be awfully cool to have a book that I wrote that I can show to people! Once I have it more perfected, I may have it published and sell it. I don’t know yet.

I did go ahead and drop that one Self Care Challenge that I was trying for the year and I still feel great about that choice. I am not caught up on any of the other ones but I enjoy them more, so I don’t mind continuing them, just slowly. I haven’t done yoga in several days and I miss it but with the utter chaos of life I find it hard to squeeze it in. Also, it is very difficult to do a Sun Salutation when there are two tiny people who think that Downward Dog pose is the perfect time to lay down underneath you. There is no moving forward to something else from there.

Pets are all doing fine. Dora is currently laying eggs again, for as long as that lasts. She is so prone to broodiness that I try not to get my hope up that eggs will continue to come for very long.

House buying has hit another unexpected snag. I have “bamboozled her system” again. Not sure why this time. Last time the score wasn’t high enough, this time it is. My income to debt ratio seems fine, but the system hates me. She thinks it may be income-to-housing ratio and I don’t know what we can do about that. If I had more income that would be great, or a co-signer, but I don’t have either. She’s looking in to it.

The Carlos and I have been working on shelving in the house. He has built these beautiful shelves that we hung up high on the walls (since we’re short we never really have to worry about hitting our heads on anything!) and I have done an amazing job of filling them up already. During my cleaning and sorting of boxes I have found a ton of things I’ve been looking for as well several things that are super cool and I don’t remember even having! It’s like Christmas with lots of dust.

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll talk to you all next week!


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