Now here is a real blog post!

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog! I am so so glad that you are all here! Sorry about last week, I was just not feeling it so much. Today I am doing better and ready to tell you all some stuff!

My weekends have unfortunately opened up dramatically as the Seahawks lost last week and are out of the playoffs. I am super bummed about this but finally coming to grips. We had a hell of a run after a crappy start and almost made it (isn’t it funny that that describes both the season and that last game in particular?) and I am excited about what next season holds.

As it turns out, it’s just as well that Sundays are more free now because we are back on the house hunt! My credit scores have moved up enough that we are moving forward with the house buying and we are looking for the perfect (or perfect-able) house to move to. We are wanting to move out and south, maybe Graham area or even farther. We went on a massive “house hunting adventure” last Saturday and went as far south as Toutle, Washington. That was actually a kind of interesting house. It has Bigfoot’s grave on it (he was apparently killed there during the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption) as well as a huge statue of Bigfoot himself. Safi was scared of the statue, which she named “The Guy.” She spent most of the rest of the day telling us that the Guy was scary but that he was still back at his house, so at least she didn’t think he was following us or anything. The house also includes in its sale price a gift shop and a helo-pad (for my helicopter I guess) as well as a theater. The shop was closed when we got there, and appears to have no web presence so I don’t know anything about the shop at all, but I think it’s probably not the best choice for us, although I am intrigued by the idea of having a gift shop right there and walking to work. Selling price of only $200,000 and close enough to the mountain that there’s still signs of the eruption on the property. There’s an A-frame house that got partially buried in lahar mud as part of the attraction. Like I said, it seems cool and also way too public at the same time.

Most of what we found on our adventure were several houses we didn’t like, one that was interesting but not realistic (see above) and one that we really really liked. It’s in a place called Onalaska which is near Centralia. We didn’t get to the house to check it out until after dark but what we could see seemed nice. It’s a long long way from where we are now but it is interesting. Who knows?

I wanted to bring you guys up to date on all those challenges I started this year. Yoga is going well, although instead of doing it every day I seem to find time about every 3 days, which sucks but it is what it is. The house cleaning one is doing even worse with the Day 7 task, clean the oven, being migrated through my to-do lists for two full weeks now. I do still intend to do it and carry on, but by the time I have a chance to clean the oven, I’m usually cooking something in or on it and that’s not a good time to clean it. The change saving one is still moving along. Yesterday I had a bit of trouble finding 5 quarters but today should be easier (6 pennies.) I think I’m going to have to start just putting in the right amount of money whether it’s the proper denomination or not. I still haven’t worked out how much we’ll have by the end but so far it’s still fun. The self-care one is not going so well. I find that I am sort of dreading it and actually avoiding working in my Bullet Journal specifically so that I don’t have to do that one. I am trying to come to terms with the idea of dropping it and not feeling like a failure. I just feel like it’s doing more harm than good at the moment. The prepper one is fine, although I am falling behind on it. It’s mostly just a series of articles to read and lists to make and things to do. I have read some articles and made some lists. I have not actually done any of the collecting or doing part yet, but I’ve made lists and that’s what counts! I have not read any books to put on either of the book lists yet but I am reading some interesting things and that’s good enough.

Monty has developed a real problem with going to school on time. School started January 4 and there have been 13 days of school, of which he’s missed one and been on time 3. We are working with the school and with some ideas to try to fix it. Tuesday and Wednesday this week we were on time and in great spirits which was awesome, but then today we were late and upset again. I think part of it was that I started him a bit later than I have been and his routine was a bit off with Uncle being up and about and in the bathroom when he wanted to go in, and then when we did get to school I told him if we hurried we would be on time. He can not handle it when you tell him to hurry and I should have known better. Epic meltdown followed and he refused to get out of the car. I drove us around to the front of the school since we were now late and had to check in in the office and he continued to refuse to get out of the car. I went for reinforcements and the school counselor came and tried to talk him into coming in. Eventually he did and we sat with the counselor and talked about what the problem is and why he won’t come in. This meeting ended with Monty saying he’ll do better. I hope he does. I am out of ideas on this one.

I am kind of out of ideas of things to talk about in this posting today as well, so I guess I’ll wrap it up. Cross your fingers for us that we’ll find the perfect house and it’ll go smoothly, and that I can find a way to make an income not too far from said house as I am not going to be able to commute several hours one way. I hope to see you all next week and until then, have a great one!


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