Don’t worry. Not on hold this time!

Alright lovelies. It’s blog time!

I am having a bit of a run of blogs with no particular plan of what to say. I realize that that is a huge portion of this blog anyways, but I really do like when I have an idea of what I want to talk about. Problem is, today I don’t. I guess I’ll start and see where we go.

I am not on hold today. That was taken care of a couple days after the blog post mentioning it. I called in the morning, talked to a human so quickly I almost forgot what I was calling for, and he fixed the issue immediately. If anyone is curious, this was the NFL people about my Gamepass. The Carlos and I are cord-cutters, which means we refuse to pay for cable. (In fact, we did this before it even had a name, which I guess makes us cord-cutter hipsters or somesuch thing. You kids with your shmancy names and shit.) As such, it can be difficult to find all the football we can stand during the season. As new parents, it can be hard to watch what football we do find and suck every ounce of joy out of it live. Since we don’t pay for cable, I feel fully justified to pay for the Gamepass which allows us to watch any football game from the last five years as much as we want until our little football-loving hearts burst. For some reason, when I signed up again for the payment plan for the pass, it didn’t work right and out of nowhere it told me I needed to sign up again and I couldn’t fix it and we were having football withdrawals and it was awful. Luckily, when I talked to a human he fixed it and now we can football all day every day if we want to. I know that is a very long explanation, but I realized that I talked about that phone call as if I was trying to discuss nuclear codes or something super top-secret. I wasn’t I just needed football.

I had a job interview on Tuesday. All of a sudden, out of nowhere (apparently that’s my catchphrase today) I have been getting calls back from some of the resumes I’ve been sending out and sometimes people interview me. This was a really fun-sounding place to work, a pet health insurance company in Bellevue. I really hit it off with all the people I talked to and had a great time, which does not always happen in an interview. I should hear next week I think. I also got an email back about another resume I submitted to Zillow this week. They want to call me and do a phone screening. I told them to call me pretty much any time. Now, to be clear, I do not necessarily want to leave the job I have now. These guys have been super great to me for 2 years now and I like it here a lot. It is, however, technically temporary, and when they get the new computer system in sometime soon (that date has been pushed back so many times, I’m not even sure what the goal date is now) we don’t know whether there will be enough work for me. There probably will, for a while at least, but most of what I do right now will be done by the mechanics as they go so I don’t know what I’ll be doing. If I can find a full-time permanent position that I like for similar money, it’s really probably a good idea. Also, I am trying to get into the habit of always looking to improve no matter what my current situation is. I just think that’s prudent. How will I know to apply for my dream job if I don’t even check to see if it’s out there? The job I applied to that I really want to hear back from is the zoo. The application period closes next Tuesday. I want it really really bad. Really bad. Fingers crossed.

Monty did great this morning for school. Safi woke up about an hour before I had to and I took her out on the couch and we both went back to sleep for a while. When I did have to get up, I put her back in the crib and she was fine, and I went to start the waking up process for Monty. And he was already awake! He asked me where I was and I told him, and he said he wanted to get up and go to school. I told him that it was time to do that anyways, so let’s go! And he did and we never argued or snapped even a little bit and we ate toast for breakfast and I dropped him off and got to work earlier than I have been lately. It was awesome. We also had parent-teacher conference Tuesday night and that went pretty well. He is in a good place for his age as far as what he knows, and he’s doing fairly well in the behavior department. He doesn’t seem to be having trouble making friends and he helps out with others when they need it. That is awesome. His counselor was so proud of him that she gave him extra stickers for being a good kid.

We are having a massive difference of opinion with our social worker right now about Safi. She wants us to put her in daycare and we don’t want to. I feel like the full explanation could take a while and I don’t feel like doing it right now but I’ll try to remember to bring you up to date later. The parents of the kids got in trouble again, and we’re still trying to figure out how visits are going. One parent is currently in jail and the other tried to have visit on Tuesday but ran out of gas and couldn’t make it. The new plan is to have visits on Sundays and Mondays, 3 hours each day. We’ll see how that goes. The parent that is in jail at the moment will apparently be in there a while this time, but that could really mean anything if previous experience tells us anything. Sorry to be vague, I am still not sure how much of any of this I should be discussing here, so I’m trying it out.

Critters are good. Dora’s laying quite well, the cats are starting to come in on their own around dusk so we don’t have to hunt them down, and Koga needs some new toys. I need to go to the dollar store (not tonight tho. The Seahawks are playing!) He’s begun “believing” that all the toys around the house are his and that’s just not the case. He needs some of his own.

Wow. That actually ended up fairly lengthy! For not having much to say, I sure had a lot to say! I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll talk to you later!


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