That story I was going to tell you last time!

Hello everybody!

Well, for a Thursday it sure feels like Friday, huh? Just kidding. I know it’s Friday (thank goodness!) and that I’m a day late in blogging. Yesterday was a super busy, stressful anxious kind of a day. We had a social worker coming over to check us and the kids and the house out at 3 and Carlos is nursing a bad ankle (when isn’t he, right?) and I left work at lunch time to go home and help with the kids and the prep and all that and didn’t have time to blog first. And in the end, the social worker never showed up anyways. That was frustrating, but at least we’re getting into better housecleaning habits!

Not a ton of stuff going on over here. Kids and work and school and animals and health and house and and and….. OK, so there’s LOTS going on, but nothing in particular new. I started a new planning system called the Bullet Journal (look it up. It’s cool!) and that’s going well if for no other reason than I can l look at a book and say “Holy shit we’re busy!” And also keep track of tasks I meant to do and didn’t and have a party when I do. It’s cool. (And apparently it’s cool two or three more times, too!)

I think I want to tell you the charming story of out engagement because I think it’s cute and so typically us and I said last week that I was going to tell it to you.

Almost a year and a half ago, I went and saw Stephen Tobolowsky do his show (I have talked about this repeatedly because it was so great.) He told a beautiful story (please listen to his podcast. Please.) I’m not going to tell the whole thing because he does such a better job of it than I do but the end of it was the advice that “your life is your life.” And it is. And I thought about that for a couple days trying to decide why it rang so true for me and how I could adopt it into my living. And I decided that I wanted an engagement ring, and I wanted to be engaged, and the only real thing holding me back from that was that Carlos was not working and couldn’t buy it. And I thought that was silly. I was working and I could afford it and why wait. So I told him that I thought I was going to do that. And he burst into laughter and informed me that he had already bought it. Yup. Had it already. Wasn’t even sure when he’d gotten it but he had. So I did what I think pretty much everyone would do and I looked for it. And looked. And it’s hard to “secretly” look for something when the other person is home at all times that you are. And I never found it (shocking, I know.) And over the months we talked about it occasionally, and he would say things like “did you find it yet?” of “I thought you were going to find it yesterday when you were doing whatever it was you were doing.” And we never really discussed it as though I couldn’t have it until I found it or anything, and I wasn’t anxious to get it (obviously) because I knew it was there and I figured he’d give it to me when he felt like it.

A couple weeks ago the bedroom door got locked from the outside. (Little hands do that sometimes.) I looked in the drawer where I thought the key to the room was (it wasn’t and we ultimately had to drill the doorknob to get in there) and I found the ring. Right there in a drawer. (I apparently should deep clean drawers more often!) So when Carlos got out of the shower, I told him about the door and that I looked through the drawers and didn’t find the key. He was surprised to hear that there was a key somewhere (even though we can’t find it!) and he didn’t get the hint. So I said “Yeah, I looked though ALL the drawers.” And he said “Oh! You found it.” And there you go. It stayed there in the drawer for another couple of weeks until the night of the massive Full Supermoon Eclipse Extravaganza when we were getting ready to get in the car and go look at the moon and I said “Hey. I want you to give me my ring, if you want to.” And so he did.

We have, of course, not begun planning any sort of wedding festivities and I have no idea when anything will happen. Things move at a glacial pace in this relationship and we’re not in a hurry. And maybe it’s an odd story and an odd way to be and maybe I’m super pushy or whatever, but it feels very natural to me. It’s just kinda how we are and why fight it, am I right?

Kind of a short blog, and not as long a story as I expected somehow, but there it is. In other news of the life, I just applied to a great sounding job today, so fingers crossed for that. I signed up for a thing called NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month for November where you are challenged to write a 50,000 word novel in a month (because I have so much extra time on my hands, right?) The kids are back to having visits again, twice a week. They’re closer to home now, but the visits are longer, and there is no availability for anyone to take them on weekends, so for now they go Mondays and probably Thursdays, which I don’t like much but what can we do? With phone calls with Monty’s mom twice a week, counseling on Wednesdays and now visits, there is not a night during the week when we don’t deal with something or somebody outside the home, but we do at least at the moment get the weekends to ourselves. Dora has still not started laying eggs, unless she’s hiding them outside (makes note in BuJo (kinda a silly way to say Bullet Journal but I like it) to check outside pen for eggs) but I expect her to start up again any time. Besides that, not much to report. I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll see you on Thursday (or maybe Friday.)


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