A short one with some BIG NEWS (that most of you probably already know)

Good afternoon folks! It’s a blogging kind of a day, but I’m not sure how into it I am today. I did want to drop a note to say I am doing DRASTICALLY better than the last time we talked. Monty is easier getting up and going to school, we’ve discovered that he should really just eat breakfast at home as I think the experience of doing breakfast at school was making him anxious, and I have made it to work every day this week so far. That last part was not true of last week as Carlos had a bad knee and I had to stay home with Safi for Thursday and Friday. That’s the main reason I didn’t blog last week; I definitely cannot get it done at home! There has been a lot of stuff going on around the ol’ homestead this week. Monty cleaned the house on Monday just because, Safi “helped” and made it much harder, and I nicknamed them Mayhem and Menace. I think Dora is getting over being broody again (thank goodness) and I expect eggs again in the next few days I hope. In case you don’t what broody is, the quick lowdown is like this: Chickens lay eggs until their body tells them they’ve laid enough (apparently their body fails to notice whether those eggs are still around to do anything with.) When this magical number of “enough” eggs is reached, the hen stops laying for a while to sit on them and wait for them to hatch (again, I would like to point out that the eggs are NO LONGER AROUND! They’ve all been eaten by now.) During this time, hens (or at least our hen) seem down and sad, don’t want to move around much, and again, do not lay eggs. After a while (however long it takes her to realize there are no eggs I guess) her body kicks back into gear and she starts to lay again and stops being a freeloader (just kidding. Kinda) and seems much happier. Of course, with our luck, we managed to get just 1 hen and she is of a breed famous for going broody ALL THE TIME! But no fear, this morning she was up and about and preening, so I hope she’s getting over it. When we get around to letting her do it, she’s going to be one hell of a mother. Or at least, a great egg sitter.

Something else happened this past weekend…….WE GOT ENGAGED! Woo! There is kind of a fun (and long-timelined) story behind this and I really want to tell it to you, but I am not feeling the telling today. No big deal, just not in the right mind place for it. I will try next week. One funny thing I want to mention is that the Carlos and I went ring shopping and picked the one we like a long time ago. Like, a couple of years ago long time. And he has had it for a while. And when we picked, it fit. But since then I have lost 30 pounds (give or take) and the ring no longer fits. I wore it for 2 days and took back to the jeweler and found out he got the lifetime protection plan (good job, you!) and I can get it resized for life. They are taking it down a size and a half! I always said I had chubby fingers but I had no idea! Anyways, I get it back tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Like I thought, it’s a short one today. I’m just not in the right head space to blog much or tell my story today. Please forgive me. I’ll talk to you next week, ok? Thanx!TheRing


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