It’s that time again (even if it IS a day late!)

So, yeah. It’s Friday, not Thursday. I totally forgot to blog until I was driving home yesterday, and once I get home, there is no blogging. Or really anything until dinner is done and the kids are in bed, at which time I got to bed absolutely as soon as I can. I am tired all the time and I try to get to sleep quickly as morning comes early.

So it’s Friday, but at least it’s close to the right day, right? How has everyone’s week been? Mine has been crazy and busy of course but it’s almost done. (At least the get up and go to work part, right?) In case you couldn’t tell, I’m sort of hovering a bit, hoping to be struck by inspiration as to what to talk about today.

The huge house I talked about last week is no longer on the market. I have not called to ask about it or anything, I just figure that at some point it’ll go back up for sale. Or not. In the meantime we have found a different house and have fallen pretty hard for it. I always like this one a little better since it is completely livable already. It’s actually got many of the things we want to do ourselves, or at least the beginnings of these things. It’s got a spring-fed pond and a well, so it’s got a good source of fresh water and no water bill. It’s got a big propane generator for backup. It’s 8 acres of mostly wooded land but still has some cleared space. It’s got 3 bedrooms and one bathroom as it sits right now but has a huge 2-story, two thousand square foot “storage area” that could easily be converted into a semi-separate living area for Carlos’s mom and his brother, and it’s got fruit trees, a huge apple and a plum. It also has tons of gigantic blackberries, but Western Washington being what it is, so does everywhere else this time of year! A couple of my favorite things about it are two very special outbuildings. Behind the house there’s a kind of shack which resembles nothing so much as something from Little House on the Prairie. It’s just a little house, and it’s not in any way livable, but it could easily become, well, anything. Some ideas I’ve had include playhouse, storage, chicken coop (probably only part of it, but who knows?) second kitchen for the making of Lavender Lemonade and for canning…insert random extra house uses here. It just seems so interesting. The other outbuilding is off to the side of the big house and they call it an “artist’s cottage.” From what we can see from pictures and from the outside, it looks like a fancy storage shed, but again, I am not complaining. I think it could easily be a girl cave/office/craft room/leave-Auntie-Kati-alone-or-she’s-going-to-lose-her-shit space. Obviously that kind of space could be super useful and I want it. The house in general needs some work but of course we know that. Anywhere that we may buy is going to need work no matter what. It’s a lot of money and it’s scary, but again, buying a house is going to be. We haven’t really started the process to figure out what to do next, but we’re seriously thinking about it.

Last weekend we went to Northwest Trek and took the kids. It was a birthday gift for our two nieces, and it was the first time for the two littlest kids, as well as the first time I’ve been there since I quit. It was a ton of fun. We saw the baby moose, which I was really hoping for, as well as all the other animals. It was a great tour. We did discover that an hour long tram ride is a bit much for a 1-year-old. She was antsy but still had fun, and really enjoyed pointing to baby animals and telling strangers that they were babies. Luckily the strangers seemed to enjoy this as well. I had forgotten that most of my 25 pounds of weight loss happened after I left Trek, so everyone made me feel super wonderful telling me how great I looked, which is always fun. If we move out there, we’ll have to get a membership and go more often. Maybe I could even work there again, if only very sporadically. I don’t know.

My mom and dad got me a new van this past weekend. Seriously. Just up and bought me a new van. It’s super cool. It can take 6 people (my other car, which I adore, can only hold 4 if there are carseats involved, which always freaks me out about not having enough space in the car in case of emergency) and it’s dark green and has a bitchin’ sound system apparently. I think I’m picking it up tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. It is just the sweetest thing they could do. My dad wanted me to give him my car in return, but I don’t want to and so we argued a bit about that. He thinks I need to let go of things more easily and doesn’t think I need another car. He also wants to help me out but not imply that he approves of my situation by giving Carlos a free car. I told him how much easier it will be if I keep both cars and Carlos can use the Tracker to take the kids to the doctor or whatever and I can miss less work for appointments. I think he was still kind of upset but he didn’t argue and we sat around and had a beer and I think it’s okay. The relationship (or lack thereof) between my dad and Carlos saddens me and stresses me out, but I also understand his feelings and try not to let it bother me anymore. Sometimes I am better at that than other times.

Seahawks season started. OK, I know. It’s not the season, it’s the preseason. And I know that it doesn’t count. But by golly it feels good to be watching football again! Even if we did lose last week. Tonight they play Kansas City. That’s about all I have to say about it. Go football!

I really do intend to explain a bit more about the situations regarding the kids in the future, but at the same time I don’t really know where to start or what to say or how to talk about any of it without possibly hurting feelings or saying things I shouldn’t. For now suffice to say that they are with us for the foreseeable future. There are conditions that need to be met before they can be sent to live with their parents and those conditions are not yet fulfilled. Monty starts school a week from Monday. We’ll have a kindergartener on our hands!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll see you soon!


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