Dreaming and dreaming

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a magnificent week! I almost forgot it was blog day but then it hit me and here we go!

I am actually taking a break from a project to blog today. I don’t think I told you about this yet. I am not making Lavender Lemonade for the Farmer’s Market this year (yes, I know that I DID actually tell you that part!) but I am still working a tiny bit on the That Lavender Girl brand. I am making Lavender tea. As in bags. As in lavender in tea bags to steep and enjoy. Cute boxes, cute tags, the whole bit. And it’s going well! I delivered a batch of 8 boxes to the guy I get my lavender from (in my phone his name pops up as John Lavender!) to sell in his shop about three weeks ago and he’s down to just one left. I am making 8 more and delivering them this Saturday. It was all his idea actually. He asked me last summer to see if I could make tea and I never did and then (thanks for the boot in the pants!) he called me earlier this spring and asked again and here we are. I had no idea if it would sell well, and I shudder to think about whether it’s actually making any money, what with time and transportation involved, but I’m enjoying it and if he sold 7 in three weeks, maybe it’s worth it. I want to try some other things, blends and stuff, and maybe I’ll see if any cute little shops closer to home want to give it a try. Who knows? At least I feel like I’m keeping the idea alive!

Speaking of dreams and keeping them alive. The Carlos and I (and now by extension the kids) have been dreaming about buying a house. We go looking every now and then and try to see if we can find something we like. We talk about when we’ll live on the “Big Farm.” I guess our plan is to find a dream house and then figure out how to afford it, but at least we take some time together in the looking! Well, I think we found the perfect spot. Carlos is positive we did. It’s gonna take some work, and it’s gonna be tough, but it’s a super exciting thought too. How we will pull it off I don’t know, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I’m going to tell you about it. Be warned, these are dreams, not plans yet. I do not know how we will do it, but we are seriously discussing giving it a try.

The Carlos has had an idea for a long time now. He wants a “dilapidated mansion” as our next house. His thought is that we should find a big house that needs work, but big enough that we could make part of it livable and work on the rest as we can. We are hard workers and we have some skills. We have friends that have skills. We are patient and we already live in a very small house for the number of people and amount of stuff we have, so we could totally just live in part of a house and then expand. We’re also unlikely to be able to afford anything that doesn’t need work any time soon. We also want land so that eventually we can grow our own food (all or most, not just some, thankyouverymuch!) It seems like a heck of a plan.

And now we’ve found it. Dilapidated mansion doesn’t begin to describe. Both terms are major understatements. We’re not sure just how dilapidated it may be as the windows and doors are boarded up. It’s a foreclosure and it’s been messed with quite a bit and no one lives there but people obviously have been doing mischief there. It’s gonna take some work. The mansion part of it, however, we do know. This place is HUGE!! As in 7,000 square feet huge. As in 8 car garage huge. As in 4 bedroom, five and a half bathroom huge. As in holy cow this place is huge huge. And it has property! Nine and a half acres, complete with outbuildings. And a super long driveway with a roundabout in front of the house. You can’t see the house from the street, and not just because there’s enough overgrown brush to hide it. It’s huge. I know I mentioned that. It is.

Now, we do know that there must be some expensive work needed. We know this because it is still available and it’s less than $300,000. And we know that that is more than we can easily afford. But we are still dreaming and we really want it and I don’t know what the next step is but we’re excited. I will keep you informed. Cross your fingers and hope for us and any advice (besides “you guys are crazy, don’t even think about it!” please as that is not really helpful!) is appreciated!

This appears to be a somewhat shorter blog than the last few. I’m not sure what else to chat about, and I have tea to make and I am tired and and and. Sorry. I have run out of stuffs to say for today but I’ll see you guys next week, ok? Thank you!TheHouse

Note: When I went to find the picture to insert, Zillow said that the listing got removed today. It’s no longer listed as for sale. I do not know what that means. I figured I should leave the blog as is and make a note, and I’ll let you know what I know next time. Isn’t it huge?


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