Hey! I did it again!

It’s Thursday again and I have been excited to blog again all week. I am really feeling like I can hopefully get back into the swing. There is of course so much to tell you and it’s been so long and all that. But then I try to think of a topic and I just….can’t think of anything in particular. I don’t know where to start! I am also still struggling with what to bring up here and what not to. So much of what we’re going through right now has to do with the kids and I don’t think it’s right for anyone for me to use this as a place to air dirty laundry. But what counts as dirty laundry/bitching/stuff better kept to myself and what counts as worthwhile things to talk about here on the blog? I sure as hell don’t know, so I guess I’ll just start talking and see how it goes. As I said, I can’t think of a real live topic today, so I think I’ll just spew whatever comes to mind for a while and then stop until next week, ok?

The garden. The garden is awesome. The Carlos is so amazing with plants and has such a great vision of our future where we can hopefully grow all our own food and be self-sufficient, and to that end, he’s growing stuff. A huge amount of stuff. We’re even growing a couple of things by accident, which is super awesome and an interesting story I will get to momentarily. Last year’s garden was huge and lush and beautiful and such a learning experience. Some of our highs were cucumbers, bok choi, tomatillos (we made some really great salsa!) and basil. Our poor tomatoes (and there were A LOT of them) failed miserably, and some other stuff did ok but not rockstar status. We had one huge zucchini, from which seeds were taken for this year. Oh yeah, beans. The beans did great. We froze them and only finished the last of them a few weeks ago. We planted radishes and they did okay, but we never really harvested and ate them. Not sure why, but some are still in the garden and the kale growing near them have less bugs! There are/were carrots, and we never picked them either and some are still there. Carrots are weird because we also have wild carrots growing out there and we never really harvested those either. We also learned that last year flax seeds that you buy at the grocery store will grow and they have pretty flowers. Cilantro did okay but bolted (which means went to seed) and now cilantro is growing everywhere. Pumpkins failed completely. We got some vines but the flowers fell off as though someone cut them every night and we never got any farther than that. Sunflowers did pretty well. This year we seem to have started pretty late again, but things are really going well. We added corn, which started really late but grows so fast! We did more carrots, which are going slowly. Our kale and cabbages are doing well and are super tasty. Some tomatillos came back on their own and are doing great. Bok choi started late but grows wicked fast so is already looking promising. There’s sunflowers not doing well, but beans are. I can’t even remember what all is out there. Cucumbers and tomatoes and herbs and I don’t even know. And then there are the accidents. We are accidently growing wheat and oats. It’s so great. Carlos has been wanting to do wheat especially, but we had trouble finding seed last year. I think it’s because so little is grown on this side of the mountains (wheat is big in Eastern Washington, not so much over here.) I think he had kind of come to terms with not growing wheat this year either until it turned out we are! We feel our chickens really good feed. It’s made locally and it’s organic and non-GMO and it’s a small family-owned business that makes it. And when there’s some the chickies don’t eat, and it ends up in their bedding and that bedding is left in a pile to add to compost at a later date, wheat and oats grow! It was so cute and exciting and fun the day he discovered that!

Complete change of subject. Remember last year I went and saw Stephen Tobolowsky when he came to town? He does a beautiful story-telling podcast and he was doing a filming for his movie of stories and my buddy Jeremy and I went and saw him? And it was downright awesome sauce? Well, the movie is out now and it was released here for the Seattle International Film Festival and Jeremy and I went and saw it and it was so beautiful. So well done. Even though I knew the story (I was there for the taping after all!) I still got choked up. It was so great. And then I got to meet him! I met Stephen Tobolowsky. I think I scared him a little. I sort of just threw myself at him and hugged him and thanked him and gushed and was a total goofy fan-girl and it was amazing and he was really nice and understanding. And they just announced that the movie is going to be released on DVD in September and everyone needs to see it and buy it and love it. My name is even in the credits (and spelled correctly!) because I contributed to the Kickstarter. It’s called “The Primary Instinct” and you should seriously see it. And no, you cannot borrow my copy! (OK, maybe you can. With a large enough security deposit!)

Well, here we are. I talked about stuff and now I think I’m done until next week. I hope you all have a great one and thanks for coming by!Stephen


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