We should have more parties

Oh my gosh. I totally forgot that I was supposed to blog yesterday! A do here we are Sunday again and I have no idea what to talk about. Hmm.
Yesterday we went to a baby shower. One of the Carlos’s cousins is having a baby, a boy, due in February. What a strange and wonderful and fun experience a baby shower is. There were, of course, a ton of people there, all ages and various amounts of related. We ate Italian food and played silly games. I won a Seahawks hat which made me super happy. I got to check in with a ton of people that I have known for over a decade now and who I love very much. One of the major things that seems to come out of a baby shower (aside from suggestions and warnings for the parents-to-be) is a feeling that “we should do this more often!” And we should. And we don’t. There was a time when I was in college (spring/summer of 2008) where it seemed like all I ever did was go to baby showers. I found myself wanting to have a shower of my own. Either an “I’m not having a baby” shower or a kitten shower (Kougle was a tiny new baby at the time.) Why does it feel like it needs to be a huge, life-changing event to have a party like that? I don’t know that it really feels that way for everyone, but for me it seems like there should be impending nuptials or a new human being on their way before you have a huge party. I’m not sure where I was going with all that, but there you go.
The Seahawks won today, and that was awesome. We started getting eggs this week, and that is also awesome. Oh yeah! I went to a meeting on Wednesday about the increase in fees for permits. I feel much more knowledgable about the whole thing, and it still sucks. Apparently, the King County Board of Health is completely self-supporting and gets no money from taxes or the general fund. This seems weird, but there it is. Also, it turns out that they haven’t increased fees in three years, so their claim is that that’s why it seems so crazy high of an increase. (Just to remind you, under these proposed increases, my permit for the Farmer’s Market would go from $55 to $200 per Market.) Apparently, between not getting used to minor increases and the department not balancing how much they need over the last 3 years, now we’re all in sticker shock. The other thing is that they went through and decided a “fair” hourly rate and calculated how much each permit should be worth. There are other types of permit that are proposed to go up like crazy as well. There is concern among everyone who sells at the Markets, even the produce people who don’t have to pay for permits at all. The worry is that if those of us that do have to do permits get priced out, there will be fewer people to come and buy produce. Also, the price for the permits of the Market as a whole are proposed to increase hugely as well, and that will trickle down to everyone. The whole situation sucks. I do believe that the department probably does need more money, and the stuff they do is important. They are the ones, after all, that work to keep food safe in restaurants and special events. But those of us that are trying to bring specialty foods and healthy produce to the Farmer’s Markets aren’t generally in a position to leap up that much in the permit department. Another group that is looking at a really hard time is non-profits. There are plenty that have some kind of special event for fundraisers where they may only make $500, and their permits are possibly going to go up to $400. How is that even going to be doable? I don’t know. It all sucks and I’m definitely keeping an eye on the whole thing.
I hope everyone has a great week and a happy thanksgiving. Eat a lot and show your love. I’ll see you next week.


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