Just a check-in style one.

Hey guys! Day late and a short blog this week. Friday was my birthday. Now I’m 33. Had a lovely day and weekend of celebration. Family dinner Friday night, hung out with my buddy after and actually drank beer and hung out in public and chatted, which we don’t do much of lately. Rested and cleaned a little and made homemade salsa verde Saturday night. Watched football and did pretty much nothing Sunday. Chickens are doing alright although we’re pretty sure we have 2 hens out of the six. Cats are fine, and Kougle seems to be almost getting used to Thunder. We had a pretty sad thing happen around us during the week when the neighbor’s dogs on one side escaped killed the goats on the other side. This was actually pretty traumatic for us and I’m not really ready to talk about it at the moment (also the Carlos has to write a report and I don’t know what that means for what I can say) but there will be discussion of it here because there are strong feelings about it for me. Found out that I am officially taking 3 weeks off from Highline in December because they’re having super shortened hours and I am going to be missing out on more than half my hours anyways. I am planning on quitting Highline completely soon, although I am a bit nervous about what that will mean in the income department. There’s a meeting about the jacking up of the fees for the farmer’s market this week and I think it may be more interesting than I originally thought. I’ll let you all know how it feels.
I meant to do a better/longer blog today but I think that’s about all there is this week. Have a great one you guys!!


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