Welcome to November!

Hey everyone. I hope all is well with you all. I hope you had a great Halloween. And welcome to my favorite month! I love November, and not just because it’s my birthday month. I love Thanksgiving and I love the autumn and I love my birthday. I love November.
Lord Roflmao III is doing great. He’s eating every day, and he’s peeing every day. I don’t think he’s pooped in a couple days, but I did see him in a different cat box today, so it’s possible he’s been pooping in there all along. Even if he’s not pooping so much, I think it’s not so bad because hopefully his body is making better use of what he’s putting in there. Don’t worry, I am keeping an eye on it and he doesn’t go soon I’ll take him in.
The other cats are doing fine. Thunder is actually getting a bit round and has developed the habit of eating Kougle’s food when she’s not looking. Or when she is looking. When he comes near her, she hisses and leaves and then he eats her food. We’re working on separating him from her food. He’s still a young’un and growing, but we need to make sure he doesn’t get stray cat syndrome and eat until he’s a perfectly round ball. I’m not really worried about it. He’ll be fine.
The chickies have begun to develop some conflicts. Dora is for sure a hen and the two for-sure roosters try to mount her all the time. She’s really small and doesn’t real fight back very well. I’m not sure what sex the other three are. I’m really beginning to wonder how we’re going to keep everyone happy with so few hens and such a small area. I don’t know.
We got a pretty heartening update on the housing front. The Carlos got to speak with the landlord the other day and he assured him that they will not be ready to move us out and start building in January. He said that they would give us several months’ notice, just as he said before. This time, tho, I’m a little more inclined to believe him. Hopefully this means that we’ll be able to maybe be trying to buy when we leave here instead of trying to find a house to enter that allows three cats and six chickens and maybe a dog (as soon as we have a fence, I want Koga to come back, so I want wherever we go to accept him as well.) It’s nice to feel less pressure to find a place and move at a moment’s notice.
I got some disconcerting news about Lemonade next year. The people in charge are talking about jacking up the fees for licenses. The license I had last year was $55. This year they want to charge $200. That’s kinda substantial. I’m not sure what their reasoning is and I’m not sure what we can do. I’m going to wait and see, but I don’t know if I can try again next year with kind of cost before we can even start.
That’s kinda an update on everybody. I didn’t really know what to write today, so I just sorta told you what popped into my head. Hopefully next week I can do this a little earlier and come up with some kind of topic. In the meantime, have a great week and I’ll see you later. Happy November!!


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