I have no idea what to title this

Hello everyone!! How are things? Over here they’re about the same as always: crazy as hell. I don’t even remember where I left off in the discussion last week, and trying to remember makes me tired, so I’m going to abandon that and move on. I think I’ll just tell you guys stuff as it comes into my head and if I already said it, sorry. Here we go!
We have to move. Soon. Maybe. When we moved into this house, which was February of 2012, we hoped it would be a rent to own situation. It’s a cute house on a nice big piece of property and we liked it. The guy we rented from advertised it on Craigslist as a event to own situation and we hoped that would be the case. We told him that’s what we wanted and we waited for him to meet us to discuss it. And he never did. Last August we started getting notices in the mail and posted on the house that the house was going into foreclosure and that it would be auctioned. Turns out, we never had a chance to rent to own, even if we had pursued it harder. Out landlord was a big shot in real estate. He built the apartments behind us and the big houses next door and he and his partners owned and built a ton of stuff in the area and elsewhere. He had mentioned that he had a huge (like $5 million) property in Texas and another in Florida, and when those sold, that was when we would discuss rent to own. In the end, he lost them, and it turned out that our house was part of the collateral on the Texas property. When he lost the property, the house was forfeited. That’s why it was going into foreclosure. We didn’t know how long we had but we were pretty sure we would have to move eventually. And then we didn’t. Someone bought the property and we had new landlords. They came over and we signed a new lease and they said that they had big plans for the property. This area is zoned for six houses per acre, and they intended to use it for that. Eventually, in about 3-4 years or so, they were going to tear down the house and build six houses on the land. That was a year ago. Later they said that they were going to do it but it would be 2 or 3 years. Each time it came up (which wasn’t really that often but still) it was shorter. Then in July, they came over with a sign for Carlos to post in the yard and said that they’re starting the process. It’ll probably be a year and a half, but that they would give us six months notice regardless. Recently they were here walking the property with someone and the neighbor asked about their plans and they said they plan to get started in January. January is not six months from now and they have not said anything to us. On the other hand, by law they only have to give us 20 days notice. And it’s not like they can begin to build and let us stay. Before they start building the houses, they have to build the road and the utilities, and it’s going right through where the house is now. So in order to start building, we have to leave. In January. Or not. So we know that we have to leave and now we have to find a place for four adults, six chickens, a dog and two or three cats. (Yes there’s a story there, not sure if I’m up to telling it tonight.) This is a tall order.
Yesterday I was looking at houses for rent on Craigslist (because that worked out so well last time, right?) I found the perfect house. Off grid. Gorgeous. Chicken coup and a greenhouse. Based off a Japanese palace. Just plain badass. It was, however, really far from work. And it’s for sale. And that’s why it won’t work out. The woman said that we would have to keep it looking really nice in case someone wants to look at it. We wouldn’t be able to change things or build things. And we would keep it decorated minimally. And, no. That’s not going to work for us. We have too much stuff and too many people. Sucks because it would have been really cool to try living off grid and the house really is truly unique and beautiful, but it’s not going to work. I don’t want to live like that, with someone always judging my house keeping and never knowing for sure when people are coming over. And, yes. I cannot fool myself into believing that I can do anything even remotely related to decorating “minimally.” It does, however, give me hope that since there was one nearly perfect house, there are others and I can find them.
It’s late and I’m tired. Football tomorrow and then back to work. I hope everyone is doing great. See you next week!!


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