Still tired, still a short blog. Sorry.

Hello all you lovely people!

I have no idea what to write about today. I am exhausted beyond all sanity and I can’t think of anything to say.

Lemonade this week was financially a bummer. In fact, it mirrored the first week almost exactly, and we all know how that went. It was great seeing some of my regulars and some of my people, and I really enjoyed wrapping up the whole adventure. I even found out the name of the breast cancer lady and got her card. Her name is Faith and she wants to keep in touch. She wants chicken eggs from us if we ever get any. I haven’t done the math on whether we made any money yet. I also don’t know if we’re doing any events in the fall or winter. Honestly, I feel like I don’t know anything right now.

Life is chaotic and crazy as usual, no real sign of slowing down. On Wednesdays they have me cross training to work at another site to help out. It’s nice enough, the people are great and I learned nothing. The guy training me said that was okay, I would probably learn something completely different next week anyway.

All pets and people at the house are fine. I’m beginning to fear that we’re going to end up with five roosters and one hen. Not sure what to do at that point. We hope to build the chicken house and move them out of the dining room this weekend.

In the future I hope to write more interesting blogs again. I want to tackle difficult subjects and have something to say. Maybe I’ll melt down occasionally like I have in the past. I feel really bad about this being kind of a cheater short post when I did basically the same thing last week. Bear with me. Better stuff is coming. I hope.

Have a wonderful week and thanks again for stopping by!


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