A weekend in the life

Just a short one this week. No Lemonade last weekend, so not a lot to tell. I am however busy as anything so I think I’ll give you a quick rundown of my schedule for the weekend. Then I think we’ll all be relieved hat Lemonade is going on vacation for a while. Trust me.

Tomorrow, Friday, I work until about 2:30. Then I’m going to Mom’s house so Jay can do some quick makeup for me. Nothing major and no hair, just a bit of emphasis on the eyes. Then I’m going to pick up lemons and ginger in preparation for making Lemonade Saturday. After shopping we are going to a wedding Carlos’s Auntie Jeannie is getting married! It’s going to be fun and lovely and wonderful and I can’t wait to see everyone. After that it’s home and hopefully getting a bit of packing done so I don’t have to get up early to do it.

Saturday morning we have the kitchen rented from 9 til noon. When I called to make the reservation the guy on the phone asked if this was Lavender Lemonade. I guess we’re getting famous! Afterwards it’s clean up and pack for market, dinner, maybe some laundry and hopefully some rest. I know I need it.

Sunday is the last day for the Market. We’ll be there from 10 til 3. Hopefully the weather is just right and we go out with a bang. I will miss my Market friends, and I will definitely miss my weekly fresh flowers, but at least for a couple of weeks I’ll be glad for the break.

Monday it’s back to work and it’s gonna be a toughy. School starts for the campus Monday, so parking and everything will be crazy. I get a bit spoiled during the break and it’s always a bit of a shock to have other people back on my campus.

Our classes always start Tuesday of the first week. I think we do that so we have one more day to get ready and so that our students don’t have to have their first day craziness on the same day as the rest of the campus. We call the first day “Map Day” because we hand out maps to all the students telling them which classroom they’ll be in. It’s fun but crazy and tiring.

There’s my next 4 days, not counting tonight. I am so looking forward to a bit of a rest after this. I’ve been looking in to bazaars and gift shows a bit to see if there’s anything for us for the winter. I don’t know for sure where that will lead.

Please, if you’re in the area, come see us Sunday. It’s closing day and we would love to be super busy. Love you all and thanks for listening. See you soon.


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