I want to talk about people

Today I want to talk about people. I want to talk about some of the people who I have encountered during this adventure, people who I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t at the Farmer’s Market, people who have touched me and bettered my life.
I am going to focus in two particular women today. I do not know their names and I did not ask them if I could talk about them I my blog, but I hope they wouldn’t be offended even if they knew.
First there is a lady who has come to talk to me each week (or at least almost each week, not positive) I have been at the market. I think she bought lemonade from me the very first week maybe, although I don’t remember for sure about that either. What I do know is that I have a great time chatting with her. Several weeks ago, about two months or so I’d say, she came by the booth. I know I had talked to her before this because I recognized her, although I don’t think we had chatted a great deal. On this particular day, she had pen marks on her chest. A line across the top, just barely visible over the neckline of her shirt, with little vertical lines bisecting it. I was so ashamed to have her see me looking, but there was no need. She pulled down the top of her shirt so I could see better and told me that on Wednesday she was going in for her reconstruction. She told me she was excited. She said that she just couldn’t face the reconstructive part of it at the same time she was fighting the cancer. Some people could do it that way, both at the same time, but not her. She’ll have several surgeries total over the course of the next while. She mentioned that the doctor was going to suck some fat out of her belly and put it in her boobs. She told him to do a lot and he laughed and said that the insurance companies get angry if you do too much. We chatted about other things as well, like health and wellness and eating real food and other discussions about boobs, and then she was on her way. I took a week off I think from the Market, but then the next time I was there I saw her again. She was looking good, feeling fine but a little sore. She hated that she had to wear a sports bra for now to help with the healing but the support was nice. More chatting, more laughing. The next time I saw her, this past Sunday, she was doing even better. This is the week she gets to move out of the sports bra and she is excited. She went to get fitted for a new bra since she’s a completely new size and shape now. She said she’s upset with the doctor because he promised her a B-cup but she’s only an A-cup. She told him he better make her a B-cup or else suck more fat out her belly to make them look bigger! She talked to me about boob sizes and we laughed. She told me if I get any bigger I’ll tip forward and I would need to get bigger shoes to keep me balanced and upright. I have so much enjoyed talking to this woman. As I said, I have no idea what her name is. Next week is the last week of the Market and if I remember, I’ll ask. It’s just nice to have a perfect example of something you would miss out on if you were not doing exactly what you’re doing at the moment you’re doing it.
The second woman I want to talk about. I have only met once. She came to the booth this past weekend. She got a free sample and enjoyed it a lot. She mentioned that she was sorry, she didn’t have any cash. No biggie, I just enjoy letting people try it if they want. She mentioned she doesn’t get up here to Auburn very often and that it’s a nice little market. I asked what she was doing in town. She said her mom is in the hospital. She has Alzheimer’s and they had to admit her to get her stable and while they find her a home. I told her that in that case she should have lemonade on me. She tried to turn it down, told me I didn’t have to. I told her she needed the stress relief as much as anyone else I knew and to please take it. I said that this is the reason I work for myself, so that I can do things like this sometimes. She that’d me and took the lemonade (she even had her own cup!) I realized that this really IS why I do this. I want to spread the joy and the benefit of the lemonade, and I want to interact with people. I want to make some of those super short-term friends that are only there for a few minutes but who give you pause. It just feels right.
No market this week. We’re skipping this one and then we’ll be there for closing day. I have no idea what’s next except that there will be more sleep and lots of football. As soon as I know you all will too.
I hope you all have a great week. I hope that my two friends from the market have a good week and that things go well for both of them. Good night.


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