Just a checking in one

Hello everyone!! It’s getting late but it’s still Thursday and I haven’t missed one yet, so here’s a blog. I think this week I’ll just list some stuff that’s happening and leave it at that. My work schedule is funny and then the Seahawks kicked Green Bay’s ass and I didn’t blog yet and I need to go to bed. So here we have, in no particular order, Shit That Has Been Happening:

We have been eating food out of our garden!! This is very exciting, especially considering the amount of time and worry and work (mostly the Carlos’s) that has gone into it. I need to take some pictures of it but he still wants to wait a little before we do. I’ll get them on here soon I promise.
What did we eat? Glad you asked. We have fresh Bok Choi (actually what we got was called Pak Choi but it tastes the same) for soups and salads on a daily basis. Green onions too. We were eating our own cilantro for a while but then it flowered and I think we’re going to save seeds or something (see? Almost all his work and not mine.) We made pesto from our own basil this week which was awesome and there are a couple of very nice looking cucumbers on the counter waiting to go into a salad or something. Tomatoes are starting to show and get bigger (yeah, I think they may be a bit late but I’m still hopeful) and tomatillos are getting big as well. We’ve been picking beans for a while and continue with that. Everything else is looking pretty good I think but what I know the most about are the things we can eat now.

I’ve already reserved the kitchen for this weekend, so Lemonade is on. Let’s have an amazing one this week. After this one there are only two left so I hope that this week rocks. We’re withholding judgement about whether we are doing next week until we see how this one goes. I also looked up a bit about a market that I know about that goes through the winter. They have a big space inside a mall where they do a winter market and I thoughts that might be cool. Unfortunately, the markets are Friday Saturday Sunday and you have to do all three days. That seems like it could be awesome, or it could be too much. We’ll see what we think. I still need to call and see whether they even do food there. Aside from that, I’m not sure what the winter is going to hold in the Lemonade department.

Carlos’s mom and brother Desmond moved in with us as well as his sister’s dog Koga, so now we have 4 people, 6 chickens, a cat and a dog in the house. It’s not a very large house but I think we make it work. Kougle and Koga have had no trouble learning to live together. Koga has a healthy respect for cats and Kougle has no intention of taking shit from a dog, so they do great. Koga also has not messed with the chickens. He’s actually been a great dog. His only real down side is that he’s a beagle and therefore loud. Also, since we don’t have a fence, it’s all inside or on a leash or on a rope (never on his own outside, just on the rope so that he can be out there but no one is actively holding him.) It’s a bit tight in the house but nothing we haven’t done before.

Today is my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary. 38 years! They have advice for how to stay married that long: marry your best friend and take separate vacations. Of course, they have vacationed together, but they do say that time to yourself is important for a happy relationship.

Tomorrow night I get to go to a barbecue with some of my buddies from Northwest Trek and I am stoked. I love those guys so much and I have missed them immensely since I’ve been gone. It should be a great relief to see them and chat and catch up.

I think that may be it for now. Getting sleepy and the kitty just joined me in the bed and the Carlos is already sleeping and it’s time for me to sleep. If you are in the area, come see us Sunday before it’s too late. Have a good one and we’ll talk next week, okay? Good night and go Hawks.


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