The one where we found a haunted town

Hello everyone! Thursday and blog time again! Let’s make this one less scattered, shall we? (I’ll try. No promises.)

As I mentioned last week, I did not do Lemonade last weekend. My mom needed a break, I obviously needed a break, and the lameness of the week before was weighing on me. You’ll all be glad to know that I did take some time for myself and get some rest as well as doing some stuff I don’ generally have time for.

Friday night Mom and Jay and I went bra shopping. This is an adventure of the “necessary evil” variety. If we have not met, let me introduce myself. I have very large boobs on not a large frame. I am about 5’5″ish. I weigh 160 (I have lost about 15 pounds in the last couple of months! Wee!) No one believes me when I say how much I weigh because, well, I don’t look that heavy apparently. (In my head I have no idea how heavy I look but whatever.) Since Mom and Jay and I are all losing weight and it had been too long since we got new bras, it was time. We went to a new place that specializes in special sizes and we had a fitting. My old bra was a 40 H I think. I knew it was worn out a bit but I had no idea how sad it was. my new bra is a 36 J. That’s right, J. As my sister says, that’s a J as in “Jesus your boobs are huge!” If you know nothing about bras, sizing and letters have to do with the band size (number) and difference between band and widest part (letter or cup size.) It is apparently very normal to have band size go down and letter go up when one is losing weight, especially if the boobs are not getting smaller with the weight loss. As I told my sister the other day, they are your breast friends and they will never leave you!

Enough about bras. Saturday morning Mom and Jay and I went to the Puyallup Farmer’s Market to check it out. That thing is HUGE! So many vendors! I ran into a couple of people I know and chatted a bit about how business is and scoped the place out a bit. We may think about moving there for next year’s market season just because it seems to be busier, but we’ll see. Mostly just wanted to take the opportunity to see what it feels like and whether we could fit in there (I think we can.)

Sunday the Carlos and I went exploring. We are hoping to buy a house (or a piece of property and build a house, or whatever) sometime soon and we haven’t had a chance to go “window shopping” in a while. He found a property online that he wanted to check out and we headed east. The property is in Ravensdale, which for those of you from around here is through Covington and beyond. As we explored we found this super odd-feeling little town. There was a huge building with sheets over the windows behind a fence and then a bunch of little houses, all the same shape but different colors. There was something about the place that felt sort of over-planned and just strange. There was a windmill thing that said “Town of Selleck” on it, so I assumed that was where we were. Upon further research at home, I found out Selleck used to be a company town for a lumber company and now is home to about 900 people. The big building with the sheets used to be a school and the owner (mayor maybe?) and his family live there. The town is a King County Historic Place or something like that. And here’s the clincher: it’s apparently haunted! I had no idea there was a place like that around here!

The property we looked at is awesome. 16 acres, a lake, off the beaten path, proposed well, septic and building site. Not too expensive. We really like it. Unfortunately, I don’t know if we will ever be able to buy a house ever. I have been working on my credit and have been working with a mortgage guy to try to get our ducks in a row so we were ready soon. I took a long time getting all the stuff they wanted from me to start the process but I finally got it to them. I found out this week that my credit has gone down quite a bit again and now I have to fix it some more again before we can get loans. I am having a very hard time keeping up on all the bills and everything and one of my bills was late which has undone most of the fixing I did. I am hoping that I can call the company and get them to work with me on the late payment since I have been a great customer for years. I am hoping also that I can stay on track making payments and re-fix what was fixed before. It’s starting to get a bit stressful in the housing department for a couple of reasons around here. We are renting. We have been renting this house for about two and a half years. There was a point last summer where we thought the house was going to be foreclosed but someone bought it at the last minute so we just had new landlords. They said when they bought the place that the plan was to tear down the house and build several (we have heard that the lot is zoned for up to 6. It’s an acre and a quarter.) but that that wouldn’t be for at least three years. Later they said 2 to 3. Now it’s been one and they’re saying probably a year, maybe more, but if it’s less, they’ll give us at least six months’ notice. They also have other properties they would be willing to rent to us if we want. All we really want is to get a place of our own and not be involved. Hopefully I can get this credit thing back in line fast. The landlord also showed up the other day and asked Carlos to put up one of those “notice of proposed land use action” signs, which he did. There is no info on it yet but things are starting to move slowly on that front and I want to get out of here! Also, of our 6 chickens, at least 2-Harold and Cute-are roosters and Harold is loud. It would be great to just go somewhere where no one cares if he wants to holler his head off all the time. And I was just informed that one of he neighbors has poisoned the grass along the property line (but on our side of it! Jerks!) and Carlos is pissed. He already has issues with the neighbors on the back side of the house (apartment complex where people throw trash over the fence) and he can’t get out of here fast enough. Fingers crossed!

This weekend we are doing Lemonade. I already have the kitchen booked and my spot is held. Hopefully it’s going to rock big time. I also want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a point of trying to make me feel better after last week’s blog. I got Facebook comments, private messages, texts and emails. You guys are all super wonderful and I love you for it. I am feeling much better this week and a huge part of it is thanks to you.

So it was still pretty scattered but not nearly as depressing this week I think. Thanks and see you next time!


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