Football Season!!!

Hello everyone! How are things for all of you? I hope you’re doing great and I want to thank you again for coming to visit my blog. I promise this week will be longer and at least slightly more thought out than last week!

Lemonade went great last weekend. Made about $260 again, which seems to be a recurring theme. I think that’s been the take home for about four weeks now. People were sweet and great, and there were a lot of people who said they missed me while I was gone and that they were glad I was back. It’s nice to feel missed! I have several regulars now, including one nice lady who comes and gets Ginger Tea first thing in the morning. This week she came before we were completely set up, which made us feel pretty good! There was a fun interaction with a group of friends as well. This nice lady came up and sampled the Lemonade and said she really liked it. She was looking for her friend and when she met up with her she would come back. Another lady came up and bought some and left and then another lady came and tried and bought some. This third lady was really interested in the health benefits in the drinks and we chatted about using honey as a sweetener (I told her I’ve been meaning to try it, I just haven’t gotten there yet.) As we were talking, the other two ladies came up! This was the person they were both there to meet! They took a few minutes to get to know each other (there was one mutual friend, the others hadn’t met.) After a few minutes, the honey girl turned back to me and started up a conversation again. Turns out, she works with the Auburn Food and Wine Festival. She wanted my card because, even though the festival was last week (I think,) she really wants me to be a vendor next year! Really wants! That’s what she said. Not that I’m welcome or I should apply, but she really wants me there! Wow! It’s nice to feel wanted, too! It also turns out that she teaches a food and nutrition class, which explains why she was so interested in the health benefits (she knew easily as much about the benefits of ginger as I did, if not more!) It was a really great moment and gave me something to look forward to!

Complete change of subject time. Football season is here! OK, so it’s preseason, but that means real season is almost here and I am stoked. My boys are the Superbowl Champions and I can’t wait to spend my Sundays watching and cheering and napping. Oh Autumn. I love you so.

I like to tell a story about why I am a football fan. When the Carlos and I started going out long long ago, he told me that he was a huge football fan. On Sundays he watched football and I should understand that plans made on Sunday were not a great idea. It was his day to watch his Hawks. At first I was irritated. I felt like a “football widow” during the season. Why couldn’t we hang out? What was so important about the game? Lame. Finally, in late 2005, I got a brilliant idea. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I would fake an interest in football, or at least be willing to hang out and watch football, and that would be quality time. It’s not the world’s worst way to spend a Sunday. Even if it was boring, I could handle it. And if we went to watch it at the bar, all the better because then there would be beer! It also helped that the Seahawks went to the Superbowl that year as well (with a horrible outcome I still don’t speak of) and so Hawk Fever was totally a thing. It was an easy time to become a fan, or at least try/fake it. 

The faking it side of football fandom did not last long. I grew into a huge fan on my own. I LOVE this game! Why would I have thought it was boring? What was I thinking? And the players, the stories, the traditions, the excitement, everything was so great! It felt almost like joining a whole new culture and I loved it. The first time I went to a game, I seriously wanted to hug every single person in the stadium (there are about 67,000 seats in our stadium but that didn’t phase me!) I even wanted to hug the Cardinals fans!

I am going to miss most of the first three games this season to sell Lemonade, but I don’t mind at all. I am really looking forward to the excitement and the fans at the Market, and I should be able to get home in time for the third quarter nap. That’s the other part I love about football. If you watch at home, you can totally nap through parts of it and still enjoy it, which is great!

I hope you all have a lovely week. See you next Thursday and take care. Come see us Sunday if you’re in the area. 

Go Hawks.


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