Short Post This Week!

Hello all you lovely people! I have virtually nothing to talk about today but I’m going to try.

I took last weekend off and no one died. I tried to get more rest. I did not do a great job of that. I tried to get some home-type stuff done. I was not great at that, but slightly better. I spent time with Mom and Sissy, and they bought me nice things. I got two new pairs of shoes and two new pairs of jeans. My jeans size has gone down quite a bit-size 6 and size 8! Then I went to a barbecue with friends and relaxed. It was awesome.

I have the kitchen rented for Saturday morning, followed by the drag races. Sunday we’re selling Lemonade and it’s gonna rock!

If anyone has any ideas for what I can blog about next week, suggestions would be great! Sorry for the short one today, I just got nothing. Hope you all have a great one!


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