Insecticidal soap and acupuncture

As you probably gathered from the title, I’m feeling a bit unfocused tonight. Also, it is quite late for the weekly blog, which I’m writing on the iPad instead of at work, we’re probably having cherry pie and ice cream for dinner, and I actually get to *gasp* sleep in tomorrow. Holidays are weird. Since tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I don’t have to work, and I took the evening off from job #2 (the college) so we could have our weekly acupuncture appointment, making today feel even more like Friday. I hadn’t realized I was quite so stuck in my routine, but I’m having a hard time remembering to do Thursday stuff and that I don’t have to do Saturday stuff tomorrow.
Wow. That was a long and wordy explanation. Let’s be more interesting.
Insecticidal soap. Huh? Let’s take a step back. I believe I mentioned last week in the Carlos episode about growing our own food. Not sure I’ve explained exactly what that means. We have a huge number of little baby plants growing right now. Like a lot. Several kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, radishes, cilantro, summer savory, a bunch of different beans, broccoli, kale, chard, garlic, zucchini, sunflowers, cat grass, wheat grass, eggplant, tomatillo, bokchoi……pretty sure I’m missing something. So many plants. The Carlos is amazing with plants and gardens and such, and I think we’ll have some really great stuff. I don’t do well with plants, and I’m a little nervous we started too late with some of these, but hopefully not. I guess we’ll find out. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones interested in our plants. The bugs are having a field day. At least, we hope it’s bugs as opposed to the birds and the raccoons. We do not want to use chemicals or pesticides, so we made bug spray. Actually, we’re making it right now. I got a recipe online and we’re boiling and onion, some garlic, some cayenne pepper and some natural soap. The website said it should work to keep the bugs off. This is all very interesting, but I think what is really cool about it is the feeling we got at the store. We went to the natural section to get the soap and while we at it we got some non-fluoride toothpaste and some other soap for the sink. It felt good to be getting and doing things that fit into the new lifestyle were trying to build. We have huge plans and grandiose opinions and want to change everything right away, but I need to remember that a small reminder, like flowers from the market or natural soap and toothpaste can be just the ticket to keeping on track. Even if we do still have to buy almost all our food, we are moving towards the natural lifestyle we want.
Acupuncture. What a great choice it was for us to start going. The Carlos is feeling so much better in so many ways. For me it’s a bit more subtle, but it’s still an interesting experience. The best part, I think, is feeling like a doctor actually cares about all of me as a whole. They don’t just want you to come in for one thing. They want to work o teaching your body to heal itself and get better for the long haul. Carlos’s acupuncturist says that part of the reason he isn’t improving much anymore on his own is because all of his organs are inflamed and his body is constantly fighting that and can’t fight other things off that well, which is exactly how he’s described himself for a long time. With acupuncture and herbs she is trying to fix him. Like I said, so far it seems to be working.
Haha. I just realized that I didn’t say anything about lemonade yet!! Last weekend was a tough one for Carlos. I think that in trying to clear out the inflamation, his body is reacting a bit. He’s doing better now, but last weekend he had a lot of trouble with feeling run down and exhausted, but at the same time had trouble sleeping at night. These are issues he’s had off and on ever since the hospital and sometimes it’s better and sometimes worse. Mornings tend to be a tough time for him to do much. Saturday, the kitchen was only available to event in the morning, and we knew he wasn’t going to be up to it, so my mom saved me (again! This is getting to be a weekly thing lately! Thanx Mom!) She came down and made lemonade with me, and as a team we were FAST! We got done early for the first time ever. I think it’s a mix of her being super fast at dishes and just her magic awesomeness. Also, maybe I’m getting a bit better at this. But mostly magic. Come Sunday, Carlos woke me up early to tell me that he had pretty much not slept at all and was not feeling up to going. On top of that, he had worried and felt so bad about it that he made himself anxious and felt worse. My mom to the rescue again again! She helped out a the market and we kicked butt! Not as much as I hope to, and not enough to say that we’re actually making money yet, but we did have our best week yet at $190! I also had friends come and visit and I learned some interesting info about the products. My friend April felt more relaxed just hanging out and drinking the Lavender Ginger Tea and she and her husband Canaan bought a half gallons of both that and the Lemonade. She tells me she drinks a glass of the tea before bed now and I fear she may be addicted (in a good way of course!) Wh actually sold out of the tea completely over the course of the day, so that made the Carlos feel good!! Second thing, my friend Jeremy came down to hang out and he informs me the Lemonade is a great hangover cure, so that’s nice! I’ll have to work that into my spiel I guess!!
I’m really hoping we get a great weather day this week. I’m excited to see how we do when it gets hot. I’m ready to see what that feels like!!
This week’s blog was a bit rambly and odd but I hope it’s interesting. Maybe if I set a plan now I can focus better for next week. Here goes: next week’s blog should include cupcakes and pets. And hopefully a description of crazy busyness and loads of success.
I really appreciate all of you reading my ramblings. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know!! Have a great holiday and a great week!! As always, if you’re in the Auburn, WA area, come see us Sunday between 10 and 3 at the Farmer’s Market!!


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