So tell me about The Carlos

As you probably know, we did no go sell lemonade this past weekend. I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day with Mom and Sissy on Saturday and went to Wild Waves on Sunday. I was supposed to rest and get laundry done and set myself up for a great week. Instead I ate until I popped, hung out and giggled with Mom and Jay, got sunburned and didn’t rest at all. Oh well. It was fun and worth it. Back to the grind this week.

I have pretty much nothing to report on the business side of things. I picked up more lavender when I was out with the girls. A couple of the teachers from work tried o go see me at the Market (hopefully they come again!) We got a new chicken yesterday, bringing us back up to 6. The other chickies are picking on her right now but we hope that improves quickly.

Since I have nothing much to report in business land, I thought I would talk a bit about my partner in crime, the Carlos. I do not know why exactly I started calling him that on social media, but I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I want to tell you about one thing in particular about him. I want to tell you about how he almost died.

Almost 2 years ago, Carlos went out to the east coast to help his sister move. She had a job in California and she was going out there first, with her husband finishing some things up and following later. Carlos went so that she didn’t have to drive alone. All went fairly well, with him being gone a couple of weeks and coming home fairly relaxed. Previous to going out there, Carlos had already mostly stopped working temporarily. He was self-employed as a landscaper and he had damaged his knee. We’re pretty sure he tore his meniscus, which is painful and can take a while to heal. Going out to help his sister was a great way to get out of town and let his knee heal. No biggie.

In December, Carlos’s brother-in-law called and said he was about ready to move and did Carlos want to come and drive across with him, too. Sure, why not. Winter time is slow in the landscaping department, and his health still was not super stellar. Sounds like fun-ish. So, the ticket was bought and of he went.

And there he stayed. For two and a half months. He missed Christmas, New Years, NFL playoffs including the heartbreaker when we lost to the Falcons and I cried a lot in my empty house, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day. Finally, in February, they left. Carlos was not feeling well. He said he had a touch of hayfever. They drove across the country in less than four days. By the time they reached their destination, he was very sick. He did not receive what he needed in the way of food or heat or care at the house. He slept for most of three days, developed fluid in his lungs and started to pee blood. He arrived there on a Saturday. On Tuesday, he go on a plane and flew home.

I had him at the house for about three hours. I knew he was sick but in my uber-focus, I thought rest would help and I could go to work the next day. About 2 in the morning, when I realized he had pretty much never stopped coughing, I realized this was not improving, so I took him to the hospital.

At the ER, they took excellent care of him. Long story short, he had pneumonia, which we kinda figured. What was really scary was that he also had sepsis. Sepsis is a major infection in the body. It’s why we have things that are antiseptic, in attempt to not get sepsis. Most people die when they get that sick. In Carlos’s case, it had begun to shut down his organs, beginning with his kidneys. He was in acute renal failure and severely dehydrated. By the time they re-hydrated him, he gained 15 pounds, which is nearly 2 gallons of water.

The Carlos was in the hospital for five days. I couldn’t let anyone come visit him because, as you know if you’ve ever met him, he’s a natural entertainer. If people are around, he does no rest. Also, with all the crap in his lungs, he could get through a whole sentence without trying to cough one up. I had to make the phone calls to his parent and let them know what was happening. I watched and helped and cared. We have since found out through our own research that we got really lucky. It was hit or miss there at first. Many people who get as bad as he was end up in ICU and a lot don’t come out. I am grateful every day that he phone call I made to each of his parents was “he’s in the hospital” instead of “he’s in ICU and we may need to discuss how far to go.”

This happened less than a year and a half ago. We have been working really hard to get him as healthy as possible. There are still complications. When you lose that much blood, the stuff you have left has to work really hard and probably doesn’t have completely healthy cells.He doesn’t work right now, and all his old landscaping customers have moved on. I work extra to bring home the money and he does his best to take care of the house and make me dinner. Things are improving, but we do hit stumbling blocks fairly often. If he hurts something like a shoulder or a knee, it takes a lot longer for it to heal and he needs to rest. Sometimes he gets forgetful. We are trying to live a healthier lifestyle with the healthiest foods possible. This is part of why we got chickens and why we have a huge collection of veggies growing. Things improve, bu they improve slowly.

That’s pretty much it. I hope to be able o keep reporting improvements. I hope that the lemonade takes off and I get to work less but still take care of us. I hope that he can someday not feel crappy or nervous or pained on a regular basis. I hope for a lot of things.

This blog post sounds a good deal more depressing than it should. Things are not so bad. I am tired and trying not to come down with something and I wanted to get this part of our story out there. Things really are getting better. There are just some days when I don’t make it sound like they are, and today is apparently one of those.

Thanx for reading you guys. Now you know a bit more about us. Hopefully next week there will be super exciting lemonade awesomeness news. Fingers crossed! 


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