No chicken death, I promise

What a difference a week can make! As seems to be my habit, I want to thank everyone so much. You guys all got me through what was not an easy week at all. The amount of love and care and comments and support, the discussion and sharing of chicken stories, the sheer amount of connection was excellent. I’m also here to tell you right now, as of this moment, we still have 5 chickens and they all appear fine. Just wanted to let you know that’s not coming up later!

Week two of the Farmer’s Market. How was it? Well, it was wet. We had a good ol’ Western Washington monsoon hit mid day, after drizzling in the morning and before raining in the afternoon. Business was not great. We brought in less than half what we had the week before. But you know what? That’s alright. It’s amazing how a full night’s sleep the night before can change your outlook. Lemonade prep went so so so so much better than it had the week before, in spite of myself. I had another minor breakdown Saturday morning (I think I called it a low-grade anxiety attack, which is not an official thing or anything, I just felt that way.) I went to Mom’s house to get the lovely signs my sister made and some helpful things Mom and Sissy got for me (a new tote box for junk you need at the market but don’t want to keep in a lemon box, tablecloths, stuff like that.) I showed up and immediately burst into tears, anxious and upset about literally everything you can imagine, including lemonade, lavender, farmer’s markets, disappointing people, money, the state of the world, whether this is ever going to get any easier, whether anyone is disappointed in me right now, whether I was going to get any sleep that night, money, people being less than pleased or disappointed with me in any way, lack of money, chicken death….. You can imagine how difficult it was for Mom and Jay to calm me down, but they managed it. They told me to sit down and eat something, cry if I need to, no one is upset or disappointed in any way, do I need any financial or labor help, eat this, breathe, watch this funny show for a few minutes, if you don’t eat that you will never feel better, helping you makes us feel better and happier, good job eating that, now just breathe. You can probably imagine, my fam knows how to deal with my special brand of crazy. A little while later, armed with more financial help (thanx again, Mom, who now follows this blog!) and promises to come help if I needed it, I faced the rest of my day.  

We had a little more shopping and a birthday party to do first, and we ended up about 20 minutes late to the kitchen, but they were understanding and it was not a problem. We jumped right in and immediately started squeezing lemons. That was part A of the massive plan to improve the prep experience-remember that this is a huge amount of lemons and don’t wait to get them started. Part B was that we bought two 5 gallon bottles of water to use to make the lemonade so that we wouldn’t have to filter it ourselves, and that helped immensely as well. We got out almost on time (we started early so that if we went over they didn’t have to hold the place open for us again!) and we even made a new drink to try: Lavender Ginger Tea with lemon. Yes, that’s right. We made more different things and got done sooner than we had before. Seriously, squeezing the lemons from the beginning saved our bacon this time!

A word about Lavender Ginger Tea: it’s awesome. It’s Carlos’s baby; he researched it and tested it and made it himself, and it’s very tasty. Similar to Lavender Lemonade, it has some really great health benefits and it’s definitely not something you can get just anywhere. Ginger can be great for upset stomach and pain, among other things, and of course the lavender is so calming. We think we’ll develop one more offering as we continue, but at the moment it’s nice having two. I really love them both and urge everyone who can to come and try them. We have free samples!

As I already said, we were not busy. Not. Not at all. It was a slow, wet, miserable kind of day, and I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to be out in that. But again, as I also said earlier, having a great night’s sleep the night before can really change your outlook on things. I’m not upset in the slightest about how slow it was. I can feel it building again, like I did before the semi-(or maybe straight up fully-) disastrous first week: people are going to find Lavender Lemonade and they are going to love it. Watch out for us when the weather gets hot. You won’t be able to slow us down! And since I didn’t try to kill us both during prep, I feel much better about continuing to try.

We are taking a week off this week. Mom and Jay and I were going to go out of town for Mother’s Day (which was a month ago, I know) and I didn’t think it was a good idea to rush home to make lemonade afterwards. Even though we’re actually just going to go to Seattle (minor change of plans; it was going to be Friday Harbor) I just think one weekend off is probably a good idea anyway. Also, laundry must happen on Sunday. Seriously. I am really glad that we had a good week between the bad one and the off one. Not sure I would have been able to make myself come back if we hadn’t!

Bit of advice for you guys. If you are ever feeling a bit down about yourself, or anxious about whether anyone really thinks you have a great idea, make a Facebook page for your business. I did on Friday last week and it was insane! I invited people and they invited people and they did, and people talked and gave encouragement and love, and I have no problem believing that people are excited (I knew some people were, especially you guys who read the blog, but this was different. And so fast!) Last time I checked, the That Lavender Girl Facebook page had over 70 likes and people are sharing and liking it still. It’s awesome. Just like writing this blog is awesome. I am so inspired every week by the love I get from everybody!

As I said, no lemonade this Sunday. We’re taking the week off. I think next week’s blog may be the one where I go into more detail about the Carlos’s health issues and how we got to where we are, along with more discussion about where we’re going. Maybe. Or who knows? As always, thank you all so much for reading. You inspire me and push me to keep it up and I can’t tell you how important that is. Thank you.


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