So many things!

So many things are happening! Everything of course decides to happen at once and I am exhausted (still? again? some more?) but all of these things are going great so I deal with my tired and get on with doing.

Sunday is opening day at the Market. Oh my gosh. I cannot believe it’s already here. I started actually putting this plan into action about six weeks ago and now it’s almost here! There are still so many things that have to be done in advance. I need to figure out and buy the containers for storing the lemonade, the ice, the hot water for handwashing, the signage, the place to keep the money…..I need to make the lemonade, pick up tables from my dad, wash off the awning I already borrowed (thanx Dad!) clean out my car, get my food handler’s card, buy more lavender, figure out how to display the licenses…..Wow. It sounds like I’ve done nothing so far and still have all of it to do! That’s not true but it’s beginning to feel that way!

I already caught a couple of breaks today. Originally I was scheduled to rent the kitchen on Saturday from 10-2 (we have no idea exactly how long it will take so we got extra time. Hopefully.) Then Carlos made an appointment to have an initial consultation with an acupuncturist Friday afternoon, and an appointment for me right after. During the craziness that was last weekend, I never got out to buy more lavender, and they’re only open 10-5 Friday through Sunday. There is no was I can leave Kent after 3 on a Friday and make it to Eatonville to buy more lavender by 5, but I also can’t pick it up and be in Kent on the same time on Saturday for the kitchen. I had figured out a way to make it work (me postponing my appointment and Carlos going by himself) which was not ideal but would have to work. Then I got a fantastic phone call today. They mis-scheduled me at the kitchen and could I move it back to 4-8 pm, and for my inconvenience they would refund my rental fee. Heck yeah! So a better time and for free! I can go to my appointment, get my shopping done, get some extra rest, go to get lavender and be back in time to cook. For free. Sweet!

I also heard from the Market Manager letting me know that my paperwork is all in order and I will have a spot for opening day on Sunday! Oh. My. Goodness. This is really happening!

In other news, we got chickens. Chicks actually. Seven of them. It was one of those things where we’ve been gonna, never did, I wanted to wait until we were ready, Carlos (rightly) pointed out that we would never be ready until we had a reason to be, we were at a chicken show and came home with seven of them. Why were we at a chicken show? It was included in what we were actually doing all weekend which was the Mother Earth News Fair. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful event. I think they call it something like a “hand-on homesteading and self-sufficient lifestyle event.” They may as well have called it “Kati and Carlos, your peeps are here.” So many people with the same attitude as us, the same goals, the same concerns. We went to workshops about herbal medicine and healing, beekeeping, goats, chickens, aquaponics, electric vehicles….. So many things I can’t remember them all. It was excellent. People were so nice, gave great advice and showed concern for Carlos (he wore his sling for his shoulder on Sunday and I have never heard so much advice about caring for your shoulder?) We got free plants and bought seeds and books. And chickens. Seven of them. 

The chickens are going to be quite a trip, I can already tell. They are young and funny, and we are new to it all so they’re a little frightening in that “what if I do something wrong and they explode and/or die” kind of way. We brought them home Sunday and I’m proud to say that they have neither blown up nor expired. One did poop on me, but (I never thought I would say this) I was glad because it meant she wasn’t constipated. Turns out, chickens can get something called “pasty butt” where their poop gets stuck and they can did. Little “No-Name” apparently does not have it at this time.

Bringing home the chickens and the seeds, the books and the knowledge, begins to hint at where this blog hopes to go in the future. Carlos and I are working towards lots of things all the time, especially as much as we can towards a self-sufficient, homestead type lifestyle. We want to grow our own food, make our own power, care for our own stuff. And run our own business in our spare time! I probably should have named this blog “Time 4 lots and lots and lots of new dreams” but I figure they’re all connected so I went with this as a title. Look for this to continue to tell about the business as it has been, but also the home life, including all the things we try and hope to try and how they go. And chicken stories. Alot of them. We already have lots of stories and they haven’t even been with us a week! I’m sure I will introduce them again later, with pictures and descriptions, but to close I’ll tell you everyone’s names. We let Carlos’s nieces and nephew and brother name them, and I named one too! We got 3 silkies, which look like muppets when they grow up and are super duper cute. Kairi named the white one Cute, Saiyah named the orangey-yellow one Dora (I hear we’re lucky they aren’t Elsa and Anna!) and I named the dark one Trillium. We got 4 gold-laced brahmas, which turn out to be one of the largest breeds of chicken there are (who knew? The silkies are one of the smallest “standard” chickens. Go us!) They may be 12 pounds when they grow up! Monty named the smallest Clover (with some helpful suggestion from Auntie Kati) and Desmond named the second largest Charlie. Carlos gets to name one of the remaining two but his niece Kaelana hasn’t had a chance to pick so he doesn’t want to until she does. In the meantime we call them “Naked-Butt” (yup. She has a naked butt) and Voldemort (the one who cannot be named.) Weee!

So there you have it. New beginnings, new adventures and new friends. All on a drastic lack of sleep and a body that no longer drinks coffee (my tea intake is going up steadily.) Good thing everything is so exciting, otherwise I would probably sleep through it all! See you next week, unless you’re in the Auburn area and want to come check out the fun at the market! Opens at 9:30 this weekend. 23 A St. SW in the Auburn Transit Plaza (whatever the heck that means!) Have a great one you guys. Thanx again for coming by!


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