So Much To Tell You!

Oh my gosh you guys! You are all so wonderful! So much love! I had so many sweet answers to last week’s blog on Facebook and in person.Compliments on my writing (now I’m blushing you guys!) and nothing but joy and excitement about the product! I had people share it on their own Facebook and get the word around. I got ideas and suggestions and just an outpouring of love. Thank you.

Much has happened on the business front this week, as well as a little last week that I didn’t tell you about. It’s all exciting, so let’s go chronologically:

I made an email address just for the business, which should also make obvious that I have decided on a name (did that a while ago, but somehow the email address makes it real!) My business name is That Lavender Girl. I went back and forth for awhile on this. Originally I thought about mixing ‘”Love” with “Lavender,” but then it sounded like I was someone running around putting a stop to all affection (Look out! Here comes the Love-Ender! RUN!) I also really wanted to do some sort of play off the Thug Kitchen thing I showed you last week, but this is a family show, so I can’t do that either. So I went with this one. I figure it’s cute and a really easy way to describe what I do and I just like it, so That Lavender Girl it is! The email is (Sidenote: If anyone catches me describing myself as That Lavender Girl Like a Boss, please let it go.)

I made my first sale! One of my coworkers from Trek ordered a couple gallons for a luncheon at her work. This was a bit difficult only because I didn’t know what to charge, and had to make the lemonade after work Monday night and meet her and deliver Tuesday night. Not a huge deal. We came to a mutual agreement on price, and I don’t think it looked too much like a drug deal in the parking lot at the mall when we made the exchange. Another thing happened while making the lemonade which I will tell you about when I’m done being chronological. It involves all of you, so stay tuned.

I made business cards! My sister helped and they are so so so so super cute, if I do say so myself! I heard a rumor that there was a caterer at the party the lemonade was going to, so I wanted to make sure that I was good and ready. And contactable, if that’s a word.

I got my Health Department license! This is huge. I was sort of nervous just because you have to apply and then someone has to decide whether to approve and I was nervous because I do that sometimes (remember the fixating thing? Yeah.) In the end it went well (and quickly!) and all appears to be fine for the next step, which is a Business License and apply to the Farmer’s Market itself! Things are coming together! Unfortunately something that’s not coming together is me and technology. I wanted to show you the business card here, but can’t seem to make it work. Another time I guess.

That’s all the major strides that have been made since last we talked. At least, all the “official” type ones. There was one more big development, and for that I want to thank you all one more time. Here’s how it went down:

My work days are very long. Monday thru Thursday, I am at work from 7am and 8pm. You can probably see where this is going. Making lemonade Monday night was hard. Not killer but not easy. Between getting home close to 9 and having to deal with home stuff like dinner and the people who live there with me, on top of a 13 hour day, I had a really hard time. I was tired by the end. I started wondering if this was all going to be too much for me. What am I thinking, quitting a job only to immediately turn around and start working for myself? I had paid lip service (in my head) to all the difficulties of running a business and all the work this was going to take, but this was the introduction. This is where the rubber met the road, where the fish hit the fire, where the girl ran out of ridiculous cliches about hard work and difficulty. I considered bagging it, giving up, going back to just having two jobs and letting the dream rest, if not wither up and die. And then I remembered something. I remembered that I had already applied for the Health license. I had already made plans and worked on the recipe. And most importantly, I had already told everyone. I had all these great people on my side and at my back, ready to try it, order it, buy it, believe it. If I quit, no one would be mad, but everyone would know. I wouldn’t just be quitting for myself but for everyone else, too. And I didn’t want to do that. So I didn’t! I’m carrying on!

Thank you all again for being there as a reminder that I can do this, and should. And will. Thank you.

Stephen Tobolowsky talks in his podcast about learning that no one can make it in Hollywood without at least four heroes. You all are my hero. Thank you.



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