But why?

Why lavender? Why lemonade? Why lavender lemonade? And most importantly, can I have some?

Last week was a big blog day. I unveiled (one of) the new dream(s) and got lots of positive feedback. I am so glad to be going on this journey, and I’m glad people are interested! It’s going to be awesome!

So, why lavender lemonade? Excellent question. And as with most of the excellent questions that come my way, it has a long and interesting (I hope) answer. 

Last summer, I was working 6 days a week. 2 at the college and 4 at the Trek. Also, it was summer and the Carlos was still slowly getting over his brush with death (that one sounds overdramatic and isn’t. I will tell that story at a later time, I promise.) Summers up here in the Pacific Northwest are gorgeous and well appreciated because we all act like we have never seen the sun and never will again, all the time. What kinds of things do we do? We hike, camp, go to the beach, go to the park, go to Northwest Trek and ride on Kati’s tram…. Seriously. Everyone came out to Trek and rode a tram. It was awesome, sharing my passion for the Trek mission and teaching about animals and so much greatness. I loved most of it, most of the time. Unfortunately, there was an unfortunate side effect of running full speed all the time and not resting. Anxiety. Not like having an anxiety attack (I don’t think. I never went to the doctor or anything.) More like a nervousness all the time, an exhaustion, and a feeling like I was failing, falling behind, bad at everything I did, rude, mean, bitchy, not getting enough rest, not taking care of anyone else, let alone myself….you know, the usual. You can begin to see, maybe, why I had to drop a job last month, as I foresaw the exact same situation, only worse, headed toward me this year.

I wanted to calm down, find some peace, even if only at limited times wedged into my days. Enter Thug Kitchen.  I love Thug Kitchen. Check out their stuff right now (after you finish here!) I hope they don’t mind my showing you their picture, since I’m saying where it’s from. 

I found this on the internet (warning: language. Further warning: I have a bit of a dirty mouth myself, so consider this your last language warning!):


Technical blogging difficulties. I couldn’t make the picture sit here and then have more text after. Please see the picture at the end of the post and then come back up here to read the rest! Sorry!


Awesome, right? Calmness in a drink. It’s just what I always wanted. I needed some right away. And then….

Bit of an explanation about me. When I am tired, exhausted, stressed, whatever, I have a tendency to fixate. Like fixate. Like “I cannot possibly fall asleep even though I need to until I figure out where I know that actor from the movie from. I know I saw the movie three weeks ago and the information will be out there tomorrow, but I must find it out RIGHT AWAY!!!” kind of fixate. And I did that. With lavender lemonade.

I could not find this stuff ANYWHERE!! With such great health benefits (others are overworked and overstressed, right?) you should be able to find so simple a remedy anywhere, right? Um, no. Not grocery stores, farmer’s markets, health food stores, independent grocers, bakeries, restaurants, the FREAKING LAVENDER FESTIVAL, lavender growers or the internet. Yes, really, I checked all those places. I found some stand ins at a couple of places where they make it for special occasions like Mother’s Day (it was well past Mother’s Day at this point) and one place that makes it with a lavender flavored syrup (like coffee syrups) that doesn’t really have any of the good stuff and is, in fact, not that great. What is an overly anxious fixater to do? 

Obviously, I made my own. Not too difficult, super tasty, and yes, very relaxing. I made it several times over the following months and enjoyed it immensely. It’s kind of an all-over sensory experience. You can feel the stress melt away. I love it. And then I got to thinking. If I like it, and I wanted it so much and couldn’t find it, do others feel the same way? Would they buy some from me? And here we are!

I’m not sure (of course! How could I be?) how well this is going to sell, but I have a great feeling about it, and I have to try!

I have made some small strides in preparing for Farmer’s Market season. I will keep you up to date on everything I have done and will do, but at the moment it’s pretty boring, so I’ll let you know next week.

That’s why and why and why. As far as can you have some, of course! Come see me in Auburn on Sundays starting June 8, or hit me up if I know you and I’ll make you some to try. I have begun making it for parties and get-togethers, and I have met with a lot of praise. Big things are getting ready to start and I can’t wait! Stay tuned!!

Five simple fucking ingredients in this bitch right here. This is some good shit to make when you are feeling bougie as fuck. High-fructose corn syrup? Naw son, I don’t play that. Hit this with some vodka though, different story. Max relax.


5 cups of water

1/2 -3/4 cup sugar (yeah, it is fucking lemonade. without the sugar it is just real sour fucking water)

 3/4 cup Meyer lemon juice, about 6 lemons ​(you can just use the regular lemons at the store too, not a dealbreaker)

juice of half a lime​

4 sprigs of fresh lavender​

Bring the water to a boil in a medium pot. Add the sugar and simmer that shit on a low heat for about 5 minutes. Make sure to stir it on the regular. The sugar should be all dissolved in the water by now with no little fucking grains rolling around in there. Turn off the heat and stir in the lemon juice, lime juice, and lavender. Let it cool until it is around room temperature. Take the lavender pieces out but use a fucking spoon and not your fingers if you are going to serve that shit to other people. Put the lemonade in the fridge to cool down all the way. Serve with lemon wedges and a pinch of dried lavender if you want it to look fucking impressive.

makes about 1 quart of chill the fuck out





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