So, what is this new dream of which you speak?

It’s Thursday and that means blog day. And I have some time and have thought things through a bit, so no rant. And I already went and saw Stephen Tobolowsky (which was AWESOME by the way) so this doesn’t have to be an advertisement like last week. I guess that means it’s time to start making BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! (Sorry, all caps is required there.)

When I started this blog it was borne of two guiding factors. 1: My heart was broken about the job not coming to me and I needed to have a place to discuss (which has happened and will probably continue to do so.) 2: I am on the cusp of trying some wildly different new things and I want a place to document how it goes. 

And here we are. What’s next? What’s the new dream it’s time 4? Here goes.

I am going to start my own business!! I am going to make and sell Lavender Lemonade at the Farmer’s Market(s). I have been doing a good deal of legwork for this in preparation. Here are some of the things that are ready or almost ready:

Farmer’s Market: Auburn to start out with. I picked it because it’s on Sunday and at the time of choosing I was still at the Trek on Saturdays. The manager has been very kind and supportive with me, answering questions and directing me where to take questions outside her wheelhouse. I hope to do more and more of these but Auburn will be the beginning.

Licenses required: yes. Business and Health Department. Navigating the requirements of the Health Department licenses has been a struggle but I have questioned much and gotten some answers. Basically, I need a Food Handler’s card (had one, it expired, new one soon) and a Farmer’s Market Limited Temporary License. This one is only $55, which is nice because the Non-Limited is $250. Since I am making fresh-squeezed juice, mine gets to be Limited. *Happy dance!* The much harder part about the Health Department is the kitchen space. If you are going to be selling food to the public, you can’t make it at your house. You can’t even get your own kitchen licensed as a commercial kitchen unless you have two kitchens, one for home use and one for business. That’s fine since I don’t think I could get my own kitchen certified anyway. So, rent a kitchen. Sounds easy, right? Nope. Expensive, busy, not near home, expensive, not open yet, requiring of a ton of insurance and a co-op fee and really expensive were some of the things I found out about commercial kitchens. Turns out caterers and food trucks, if they don’t have a storefront with a kitchen, have to have a “home base” kitchen to do most of their prep work, and these places can be pricey. I am thinking I will be making lemonade one evening (probably Friday) each week. I need a stove, some water, some electricity, and the ability to clean things. Many rental kitchens allow for the use of many awesome-sounding (but currently useless to me) things such as giant stand mixers and 18 tray ovens. This step tripped me up for a while but I am glad to say I have found a kitchen to use! Kent Commons, right down the street from my house, has facilities to rent, including the kitchen at $10/hour which is crazy good. Kitchen-check!

I have been perfecting my recipe and it’s great. I need to tweak it a bit more probably, but the elixir of life itself is great. I’ll explain more about Lavender Lemonade itself next week. For now, suffice to say it’s awesome and you definitely want some.

Business plan: Yeah, it’s kinda vague right now, but I do have one. Basically, sell magical awesome beverages at the Farmer’s Market. Become wildly successful and spread to more Markets. Expand further and sell in bulk for parties, especially weddings (with a possible additional line of income with bartending at said weddings as well-I love a good wedding!) Bottle Lavender Lemonade and sell locally, then nationally, later internationally, and finally universally. Become wildly successful and happy bringing joy to others. I told you the plan was kind of vague but at least present. I see no reason why this endeavor doesn’t have a chance of doing at least most of the steps in this plan. If it doesn’t go all the way to universal and resounding success, it won’t be for lack of trying on my part!

So there’s one of the New Big Dream BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! You can see the need for the caps now. I will keep you all updated as things progress. The Carlos wants to build me a cart to sell lemonade from, I need to jump on the licenses and the prepping, and continue to work more than full time at the same time! It’s gonna be awesome! Stand by for updates!


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