Day After Tomorrow!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to a very important person in my life. Not my boyfriend Carlos who I will no doubt introduce you to at a further date. This is a different important person entirely. He doesn’t even know me.

His name is Stephen Tobolowsky and he has changed my life. He is a character actor and is in nearly every movie and TV show you have ever seen. Groundhog Day. Glee. My Father the Hero. West Wing. And on and on and on…..

More importantly to me he does the world’s greatest podcast, the Tobolowsky Files. Bar none. I love listening to it so much. I laugh and cry and learn and love. I feel like a better person having listened to what Stephen has to say. “Everyday Weather and How It Works” has always been my favorite, but now the newest one about rat funerals has slid in to new favorite status. 

I honestly think listening to this podcast makes me a better person. His ability to tell a story moves me and when something wonderful happens, I want to do wonderful things too. He tells about “Life, Love and the Entertainment Industry,” but it could just as easily be “How to Live a Good Life and Why.” 

So why the rambling and glowing description of my favorite podcast? Day after tomorrow is the day. I get to see my guy do his thing. Stephen is making a movie of his story telling and I helped. I supported his Kickstarter campaign. I put my money where my heart is and helped. And now I get to see him. On Saturday night, here in Seattle, Stephen is telling his stories for taping for the movie and Carlos and I get to go. My tickets have been in my wallet for six weeks and it’s almost here! I am shaking I am so excited. 

Next week I will get on with discussing dreams and plans and where things are going. I will hopefully introduce my new career plan and invite you all to follow my journey. I have so much to tell you all about. And I will. 

But today I am going to let myself go with a short short blog as I keep thinking about how great this weekend is going to be. Squeee!


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